50 Cent Burglary Suspects Arrested After Reported $3 Million Robbery

Police in Bergen County, New Jersey claim to have arrested the men responsible for the burglary of one of 50 Cent‘s (born Curtis Jackson) businesses. The suspects allegedly made off with $3 million in cash and jewelry, but were caught due to a stolen car in one of the robbers’ possession. Prosecutors say one of the residents in the building where the robbery took place reported the theft in January after Cliffside Park PD recovered a stolen car in the area.

Police looked into the stolen vehicle and were able to tie the car to the robbery. After a five-month investigation, they were able to find the three men behind the car hijacking as well as the heist. The suspects were each charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief.

TMZ reports Jackson’s attorney says the robbery first misreported as a break-in at the Power executive producer’s house, but the apartment unit serves as an office for one of his multiple businesses. “At the time the suspects were in the unit, police drove by but did not realize the individuals were still inside. The entire matter was caught on surveillance cameras,” he continued. The rapper’s team shares that he still expects all of the stolen money to be recovered and returned.

$3 million is just a drop in the bucket for the esteemed producer, actor, rapper, and entrepreneur who flaunts a net worth of $30 million. One of his latest endeavors was producing and released late rapper Pop Smoke’s first posthumous album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, and its popularity has sparked requests for another album based on the rapper’s reserved unreleased music. Though, 50 Cent says he’s “not sure” if he’ll help with the release if there is to be another one. “[Steven Victor] talked to me about the new record, and I’m not sure if I’ll participate with this, that record. I just wanted to make sure that his record did what it was supposed to,” he said, per Hot97. “My interaction with Pop was like he was looking at me like I could tell him the right way to go, and that everything would work based on what I was saying.”

50 Cent didn’t go into complete detail regarding the reason why he’ll potentially walk away, but it seems like there were some issues behind the scenes. “It’s unfortunate that it actually happened. It’s like the other side of it—when I’m coming up early on, I’m so connected to the environment that everything in the environment, I’m subjected to the same. Outside of producing the record and having it perform well, I did all the promotion for that record to have it work. They would have put it out and you’d have to find it out of basic interest,” he said.

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