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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tiffany shoots down Ronald’s business idea


tiffany franco ronald

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Tiffany Franco Smith already had a talk with hubby Ronald Smith about helping her around the house and with the kids, but now she’s having to remind him that their life is not going to be in South Africa, but rather, in the United States because she just got her Dad to agree to be his sponsor.

However, Ronald wants to prove to Tiffany that he can put food on the table every night for all four of them so now he wants to buy a truck in order to start his own business. However, Tiffany is thinking long term, not short term, and she is definitely not thinking of staying in South Africa.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tiffany shoots down Ronald’s business idea

Ronald’s business idea was to start a handyman business literally 3 months before he is slated to come to America. Tiffany wondered why on earth he was trying to do it now, she told him to wait till he got to America to start the business.

Ronald said that he would do it in the US too (How, buddy? Immigration won’t let you work for awhile!) but that in South Africa he knew how to make money and he wanted to do it there first. He says that he could make more money as a handyman than the amount he’s making now, but what Tiffany is trying to point out is that he doesn’t have enough money to support his family now and she doesn’t understand how this purchase makes sense when there’s only 3 months left until he gets to the US.

While Ronald is going at this with the purest of hearts (in actuality he’s preparing for a Visa denial), he doesn’t realize that Tiffany is at her wit’s end, and that’s why she finally told him that back in the US she had actually visited a divorce lawyer.

When she told him that, Ronald said it was like she had hit him in the face with a bat, and he felt like he was preparing for a reality that was never going to be. Of course by now we’ve seen the social media posts and know they’re not together, but we’re starting to see the unraveling right now. Oy. Stay tuned!!!

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