American Parents Say Peppa Pig Is Giving Their Kids British Accents

Ello there mate! American parents say that Peppa Pig is giving their kids British accents. That’s because American children have been watching so much Peppa Pig during the pandemic that they are beginning to speak the same way Madonna did back when she was still married to Guy Ritchie and believed herself to be a tweed-wearing, tea sipping Lady of the Manor. Here’s what you need to know.

Peppa Pig might is responsible for millions of American kids saying “mummy” instead of “mommy” and “to-mah-to” instead of “to-may-to.” There could be worse things than this, like marrying into the British Royal Family and royally pissing off your new family, but this has seemed to cause more confusion than anything else.

According to Parrot Analytics, Peppa Pig was the second most in-demand cartoon in U.S. households, after SpongeBob SquarePants. Parents are even posting videos on social media depicting their children speaking in British accents and saying things such as, “How clever,” and “Oh dear.”

Preetika Rana, a Wall Street Journal reporter even tweeted: “My five-year-old niece in [New York City] had an American accent before the pandemic. Now she has a posh English accent after spending a year at home watching Peppa Pig. This phenomenon is so widespread that it’s a trending hashtag, #PeppaEffect.”

If that weren’t enough, parents say their kids are opting for “Father Christmas” instead of “Santa Claus” and throwing out expressions like “give it a go.”

“On a recent VACATION, my 5-year-old dared tell me that she was loving her HOLIDAY,” California resident Matias Cavallin said on Twitter. “I told her we speak American in this house … and Spanish too.”

The long-running children’s series following the adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town. Each family is a different species of animal, and Peppa’s friends include Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Candy Cat.

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