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15 Best .IO Games Worth Wasting Your Time On

15 Best .IO Games Worth Wasting Your Time On
15 Best .IO Games Worth Wasting Your Time On

Since’s release on April 28th, 2015, .io games have gained popularity through accessibility and exposure through Let’s Play videos. Notable YouTubers, including Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, have made series revolving around these games. Within the past 4 years, .io has expanded out of into countless other games. Some are zombie-themed, others have war robots. Some lag like crazy, others run smoothly and extend their reach to mobile devices.

Sifting through the hundreds of titles available, here are the 10 best .io games worth wasting your time on.

If you’re someone who has always enjoyed playing games online, particularly free ones, then you should definitely check out the many IO games available. You can play them on your phone, both Android and Apple, or from the comfort of your laptop.

The games tend to be very simple, yet addicting. We thought now would be a great time to revisit this list and update it with more options. There are hundreds of IO games out there and it’s easy to struggle between which one is worth your time or not, hopefully, this list will narrow it down.


The .io that started it all, remains a solid .io experience. It’s a right of passage at this point and you can easily spend at least two hours trying in vain to achieve a place on the leaderboard.

Playing as a circle (also referred to as a cell), your objective is to “eat” or absorb smaller circles in order to gain mass. Starting out, you need to stick to either targeting non-player circles or possibly going after newly spawned players. When you grow large enough, you can split yourself in half as many times as you please to go after other players. earns its spot in the top 3 because while it offers limited customizability and no upgrade system, it’s a game much more based in player strategy without rewarding one style of gameplay over another. It’s straightforward, simple, and very, very addicting.


Any .io title that gets merch has to be in the top. And yes, you can find plushies at Target. They’re in the toy aisle.

Much like, is a very simple, intuitive game but with a pretty cute aesthetic. Playing as a snake (or worm, given your Slither’s segmented body), you slither around eating up glowing light balls. Everything you eat helps your little snake grow longer and longer.


Despite being one of the older .io titles, this is truly the creme de la creme of .io games. You play as a tank. Destroying objects or other players earns points, which can then be used to upgrade your tank throughout the round. Your tank also levels up, allowing you to choose a different body type as you continue. This includes double barrels, a machine gun option, triple barrels, a sniper model, and many more.

Though its customization and variety of gameplay strategy may be on par with some of the other .io games listed, earns the top spot because of its different modes. Don’t feel like going solo? There’s a 50 v. 50 option. Feel like playing in a team environment? There’s a team mode, where red and blue face off to claim the 3 out of 4 turrets. Do you want all the power? Go for Mothership mode. It’s the Thanos Fortnite mode before Fortnite existed. If you get the last shot on the Mothership, you control it next.

And within all of’s modes, the customization and level up features follow. offers the most diverse gameplay, caters to various strategic styles, and keeps you online for hours if only to experiment with tank modifications.


If you’re a fan of flight simulator games or anything where you get to fly around in an aircraft and attack your opponents then should be the perfect fit for you. You fly jet around and aim to shoot your enemies out of the sky.

It’s a multiplayer game and you get to play against tons of people worldwide and collect various weapons to enhance your jet in the process. You can play it on a computer or you can play the app version of the game on your phone or tablet.

Eatme.Io is a massive online multiplayer game where players play as a fish with the goal of trying to eat their enemies and stay alive. It is similar in style to other IO games like and

You will need to eat smaller fish to become stronger and survive and then you’ll fight against your enemies in a quest for long life. The entire game takes place underwater and your main goal is to become the new leader of the water kingdom which you and the other fish inhabit.

Surviv.Io is a battle royale-style game. Players fight on a top-down perspective and can team up in pairs to battle it out on the field. In the process, they can also scavenge for items and weapons. Some of the different weapons in the game include shotguns and SMGS.

They also have long-range snipers and assault rifles available in addition to multiple melee weapons. While it may not be as popular as other battle royale games like Fortnite, it still has a very strong fanbase and can be played on multiple platforms.


Kind of like with a fidget spinner. Collecting dots increases your fidget spinner’s speed, allowing you to ram into and eliminate other players. Whirlpools can help launch you at another player or help you get away when someone else is spinning so fast you that you can’t see the fidget spinner shape anymore.

It’s definitely fun and addictive but does pander to the now somewhat dead fidget spinner hype. No judgment, feel free to enjoy fidget spinners! And it runs pretty well on iffy internet service. But why play this over

Hole.Io is an intriguing game where you play as a literal black hole trying to consume everything in your path. To beat the game, you have to consume players, cars, trees, and more in your pathway as your hole expands. The bigger it gets the more of the city you can consume.

However, you have to utilize real physics to make sure you’re not trying to consume something too big for you that could potentially cause a blockage. Other black holes in the game will be able to swallow you if they’re bigger.

Mope.Io is a game of hunting and survival. Decide what creature you want to begin the game as always a small and relatively harmless being like a mouse — then slowly forage for food and water as you struggle to stay alive. You’ll need to avoid the other players who are outlined in red to keep from getting eaten.

You will slowly be able to grow bigger as you keep yourself alive and aim to collect and discover all the different monsters available in the game.


One of the more relaxing .io games available, is all about creating your own paper empire. Move by using WASD or the arrow keys. Your goal is to create the largest area possible with your paper color. Eliminate other players by running into their incomplete sections.

The worst drawback is probably that you can eliminate yourself if you run into your own paper trail. The round can be over in a matter of seconds, but there’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the game’s art style. It’s the slowest fast-paced game you’ll play.


Somehow, is 3D rendered and that helps earn it a spot on the list. For a .io game, it’s impressive how well-rounded the bots and the environment is. Upgrades are available for your bot, as well as the option to switch which bot you play as.

This one can take longer to load than other .io games and doesn’t offer as many gameplay modes as others do. On the bright side, does give you a tutorial before tossing you into the madness and has a training mode if you’d rather practice and dominate rather than learn by trial and error.


With a cute exterior and unsettling interior, calls to anyone who enjoys underwater adventures. Choose the fish that calls to your heart and begin your adventure under the sea! Different fish give different perks. For example, playing as a clownfish allows you to hide in anemone without taking damage. You know, like in Finding Nemo.

You’ll also be able to switch your fish at certain points in the game. Other fish allow you to explore the depths, turning darker the deeper you go. It’s unclear whether damage taken by fish is from someone else trying to eat you or you’re ramming into another fish with such force that it creates damage, but either way, bumper fish is a fun idea. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer other playable modes, so it ends its reign at #5.


Neon, fast-paced, and frustrating, will either keep you coming back for more or force you to rage quit on the spot. The objective of this .io is to delete other players by swinging or throwing the barbed end of your tail at them. Use the mouse to steer and you’re good to go!

Depending on how good you are with a mouse or trackpad, a round of can last two seconds or ten minutes. Either way, you’ll keep clicking to respawn if only to prove that you’re better at this game than you really are.


Swords and paint blobs go really well together. has you slaying players left and right. Click to slash, W to flee, and mouse to control. Your flee meter needs to recharge, so try not to dash right into the fray.

Timing is key in this game since button-mashing isn’t an option. Your sword has to return to the side it started on in order for your character to slash again. Don’t waste your slashes or your dashes.

Rounds usually don’t last long when you’re getting started. Players move fast and it’s easy to make mistakes. But it’s more enjoyable than rage-inducing, so you’ll keep coming back for more.


If you could spend six hours on Don’t Starve or Minecraft, is for you. Establish a base and keep your gold hoard safe from zombies for as long as you can. Each wave of zombies gets progressively larger and stronger, so upgrading your walls and weapons via your gold hoard are essential for prolonged gameplay.

What’s nice is that when you respawn, you keep your gold from the last round. You can also team up with other players, though some might mull around your base if you look like you know what you’re doing.

There’s also some demons guarding a gemstone. See what that does.

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