Best Kid’s Cartoons Of The 2000s, Ranked According To IMDb

While there were many iconic cartoons to come out in the early 2000s for kids, some were better than others according to IMDb.

Best Kid's Cartoons Of The 2000s, Ranked According To IMDb
Best Kid’s Cartoons Of The 2000s, Ranked According To IMDb

Generation Z and the later-born Millenials had a plethora of nice TV to observe growing up, unfold through a number of channels. The 2000s served to have a large host of fine high quality reveals, as cartoons acquired more experimental and weird, and likewise, many adopted long-form storytelling and were more severe. It is time to try a few of the classics.

This checklist will embrace some entries that technically began in the late ’90s, but the majority of their run was in the 2000s. It will not embrace anything that began in the late 2000s and ran for almost all of the 2010s.

Whereas the 90s could be the golden period of animated TV reveals for a mess of followers, there’s still one thing to be said for the era that got here after. With legions of latest reveals, themes, realms, and characters from the likes of Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and others, many of those hits from the 2000s have turn into animated icons in their very own time. From superheroes to resurrected retro hits, there are various shining stars browsing through the decade.

The Batman (7.3)

To be truthful, any Batman series trying to observe on the leather-based heels of Batman: The Animated series goes to have its work cut out for it. That being said, The Batman did at the least attempt one thing utterly unique with its model of Gotham’s Caped Crusader. It even reinvented near-forgotten villains like Calendar Man, Ragdoll, and Firefly into a more modern Rogues Gallery for Batman to bash time and again.

Was it Fairly much as good as the ’90s series that got here before? Debatable. but nobody may ever deny that this series wasn’t artistic in its design, supply, and depth.

Dave The Barbarian (7.1)

One in every of Disney Channel’s forgotten favorites, Dave the Barbarian was the most effective parodies of the fantasy style ever put to animation. With satire on works like Conan the Barbarian, Lord of the Rings, Norse mythology, and even Disney’s personal animated masterpieces, the series is ideal for any fantasy fan on the lookout for a fast chuckle.

Consider it as Disney’s animated try at Monty Python and the Holy Grail, solely with a more family-friendly twist. Whereas it will not be one of the best and brightest, Dave and the remainder of Udrogoth have various enjoyable adventures to go round.

Phineas And Ferb (7.9)

Phineas and Ferb was a present that mastered the artwork of components and working gags, and the more typically repetition and self-awareness were current, the funnier it might get…to an extent. The present’s components can be Phineas and Ferb creating grand adventures whereas their sister Candance tried to bust them and get them in bother (and show she wasn’t insane).

In the meantime, their pet platypus, Perry, would face off against the somewhat sinister and totally charming Dr. Doofenshmirtz. And sure, every episode featured music, and nice music at that, which will need to have been a really onerous job to perform. Whereas the principle story was at all times respectable, the Perry facet segments at all times stole the present. Whereas the present was beginning to get stretched out, it grew to become conscious of the actual fact and ended on a stable observe.

Ed, Edd N Eddy (7.4)

Ed, Edd N Eddy mastered the artwork of “stupid” humor higher than every other cartoon. The present was good in its, frankly, insane method to leisure and slapstick comedy, which was excessive, even for a cartoon.

Up to now, it stays Cartoon Network’s longest-running unique series, clocking in practically 11 years of laughter. The present’s fixed scams and weird forged of characters nearly operate like It is At all times Sunny in Philadelphia for kids…with no limitations of human actors.

Spectacular Spider-Man (8.1)

Whereas Teen Titans did not get a whole sendoff, it at the least wrapped up a few of its storylines with a movie. Tragically, the even higher superhero present Spectacular Spider-Man by no means made it previous two seasons after Disney bought Marvel. Spectacular Spider-Man may properly be one of the best adaptation of Spider-Man put to display, and that is in a world that now consists of the near-perfect Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse.

The series knew precisely deal with the character (who has been tailored an exhausting quantity of instances) and balanced classic and new concepts masterfully.

The Fairly OddParents (7.2)

Fairly OddParents had an important run till the present started to endure from exhaustive attempts to reinvent itself and keep contemporary by adding in new characters (together with a speaking canine). In its classic period, the present was one in every of Nickelodeon’s strongest packages in its roster. Timmy Turner was a fairly healthful and, at instances, overly formidable youngster, but he by no means got here throughout as obnoxious.

Practically the precise description may go to Cosmo, who was a man-Kid, but ever loveable, and who was a great stability to the more strict and clever Wanda. The present had a stable supporting forged, nice comedy, and surpgrowingly good-hearted messages in its long term.

Spongebob Squarepants (8.1)

There is no present cartoon on Earth fairly as impactful as Spongebob Squarepants has been. It has sealed itself into popular culture in each manner attainable, with seemingly month-to-month memes, and has even gotten a profitable Broadway musical. Created by the late Stephen Hillenburg, the present was a contemporary Pee Wee’s Playhouse model morevaganza that cherished to mix absurdity and surrealism in its episodes and carried manic power. It has been loved by each adults and kids of all ages and loved being one of many longest-running American animated series, probably the most widespread (and worthwhile) of all time, and remains to be going.

Sadly, following just a few seasons after the odyssey that was The Spongebob Squarepants Film, the series by no means returned to its golden period and has overstayed its welcome. It also was introduced that a number of spinoffs were in growth following the passing of Hillenburg, who particularly didn’t need any spinoffs. still, the great years of Hillenburg’s creation were a blessing, and even just a few episodes following the film were fairly respectable.

House Of Mouse (7.5)

before Captain America: Civil Warfare grew to become often called the largest crossover occasion in Disney’s historical past, there was House of Mouse. Hosted by Mickey Mouse and staffed by Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy, the House of Mouse itself is a nightclub the place all of the famous faces of Disney come out to play. Everybody from Snow White to Simba makes an look in the present, making it a daily who’s who of Disney royalty.

With so many new faces to the Disney identify in recent times, there has by no means been a greater time to deliver this present again for contemporary audiences. Who would not need to see the forged of Massive Hero 6 mingle with the Zootopia crew or a few of Arendelle’s royalty?

Samurai Jack (8.5)

Long ago in a distant land, there was a present that pushed the boundaries as to what a kids’ animated series may do. Samurai Jack blended collectively movie-quality motion sequences with a few of the most unimaginable animation ever seen on Cartoon Network. The saga of the titular samurai’s battle with the insidious demon, Aku, as he travels through time to achieve his house prior to now is as thrilling and action-packed because it sounds, and that is placing it briefly.

Taking various cues from anime, superhero cartoons, and gobs of various mythologies, Samurai Jack is greater than impressively deep in its presentation and storytelling.

Kim Possible (7.2)

Most cartoons (and media) overwhelmingly function male protagonists and are more male-friendly, but Kim Possible made it a focus to play with that concept, serving to usher in additional female-led reveals. Kim was a practical teenage lady with a double life as a (form of) undercover agent, alongside her bumbling sidekick, Ron.

Continually countering them were a number of villains, but the commonest encounters were with Dr. Drakken and Shego. It was at all times made clear that Shego was the actual menace, one thing Drakken hardly ever seen. The present had long-form storytelling and constructed up Ron and Kim’s friendship very regularly over time before opening the concept of a romantic relationship.

The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy (7.7)

Billy And Mandy is such a bizarre premise that somehow managed to spiral uncontrolled and get even weirder. Two kids handle to get the Grim Reaper certain to them as their Best good friend perpetually, and properly…hijinks guarantee. For an period that was full of goth and emo kids, Billy And Mandy made that section look cool, whereas also enjoying with the ridiculousness of it.

The downright nasty nature of the present and distinction between the good and savage Mandy and idiotic and heartful Billy with the laidback and pragmatic Grim made for a present that basically sealed Cartoon Network’s status for prepared to get darker with its artwork.

Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (8.7)

As a part of the DC Animated Universe, Justice League expanded the roster of characters and just about places the live-action DC universe to disgrace.

Though the “Big Three” (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) were incredible, the supporting forged was so current and centered upon that the “Big Three” did not really feel like the one members worth caring about, which was nice. Obscure villains and heroes also appeared, becoming more familiar with common audiences, and the present’s refusal to speak right down to its viewers made for an unimaginable saga.

Code Lyoko (7.3)

Code Lyoko is an fascinating sci-fi epic regarding a gaggle of boarding college college students, a pleasant elf-like AI, and an evil supercomputer program that seeks to destroy the human race. It is like if Tron met Chrono Set off. This French-made anime series made its manner over the Atlantic and was launched to American audiences through Cartoon Network’s Miguzi run.

With 4 seasons containing 97 episodes and even a current live-action sequel series, audiences still have not gotten their fill of watching Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi tackle the corrupted technological forces of X.A.N.A.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (9.2)

Avatar is a present that is past spectacular in its execution. The series wasn’t good, but the outcomes and storytelling are so good that the occasional imperfections are irrelevant. The imaginative and distinctive world that was created, whereby individuals may “bend” parts, was an enticing setting, and one which was used to its full benefit in each episode. The present featured a forged of moreordinarily iconic and well-rounded characters, and every episode would construct off of the Last to additional their very own development together with the overarching story.

Avatar’s showcase of Aang and his associates over time makes for probably the most heartwarming tales conceivable; the facet story of Prince Zuko and his Uncle Iroh can also be very immersive and complicated. The present also hosted Azula, probably the most really threatening and competent characters to function on-screen. Avatar suffered one of many worst TV to movie variations in human historical past, and now it is slated for an additional live-action adaptation, this time as a Netflix series. The long-form storytelling ought to work higher on that platform, but even when it is bad, it will not matter, as a result of the unique is already current and raised the bar for animated storytelling. Who wants live-action?

Teen Titans (7.8)

Cartoon Network was at all times a bit more daring with its programming than a lot of its rivals, and Teen Titans was an important instance of crafting tales for a youthful viewers that may still be mature and structured. Like a lot of the entries on this checklist, the long-form storytelling was an important boon to the present, which tended to give attention to a special member of the DC superhero crew every season. It blended American model humor with Japanese model animation and was fairly distinctive in that it centered on mature teenage characters and wasn’t a whole drag always, even with Raven involved.

The series would get a by-product in the type of Teen Titans Go!, that includes the unique voice forged. It is not bad, in fact, it is fairly humorous, but it has earned the ire of some followers of the unique as a result of the primary series by no means acquired a correct sendoff.

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