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Chris Van Vliet Talks About His AEW Status

Chris Van Vliet Talks About His AEW Status

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Chris Van Vliet needs no introduction as he is an Emmy-winning TV host. During his recent interview he talks about the opportunities in the landscape of wrestling. It seems that AEW is on a rill as they are ruling the hearts of many fans. They are setting high number of records and beating out WWE in their own way. However things are not going well for WWE as there are a lot of ups and downs happening for them. In an intense discussion he also discussed about the battel of ratings and how they are measured. Here is an interview of Chris and you can catch up with it fully:

Ongoing competition among AEW & WWE

Chris Van revealed his thoughts on the competition among AEW and WWE. He believes that the current battle of ratings is not very fair. There may be some wrestling fans who don’t watch the wrestling matches on their TV. Since the streaming platforms are also very common. Here is what he says:

“Are we not just taking from a pool of wrestling fans? I don’t know if all wrestling fans will watch every single show on TV.” “I don’t know if that still exists. We can get an entire hour about how archaic television ratings are, how incredibly archaic and ridiculous the Nielsen rating system is, so, so old school. You might as well be sending faxes with how old it is. It’s so bad. “I would like to see, maybe one day, where we go, alright, this is the number it did on TV. This is how many YouTube views that the clips from that show got.

This is how many views the tweets from that got because that’s how most people are watching it. If you don’t watch a full episode of RAW, or SmackDown or Dynamite, you’re probably watching those clips on social media, and I wonder if that will ever happen. This wouldn’t just be a wrestling thing either. It could be a Monday Night Football thing or a World Series thing, but how many people watch it on TV’’?

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Can fans expect Chris Van to be a part of AEW again?

As we the wrestling fans are aware that Chris has been a part of AEW since some time. He is one of the best host and interviewer during these recent times. Let’s see what he says about returning to this platform:

“I was only asked to be part of the first show, “Chris reveals. “I was asked to be part of that first episode of Dynamite October 2 live from Washington D.C., and that was it. And as someone who was a giant wrestling fan my entire life and someone who’s worked in broadcasting for my entire career, that was really really cool to be a tiny little minuscule part of that historic show, which was the first time we saw wrestling on TNT in almost 20 years. I went in and had my very little spot with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, and that’s all I expected it to be.

I was super surprised and also really fortunate when they invited me back a few weeks later and I did something with The Rock N Roll Express in Charleston, West Virginia, but that was it’’.

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