‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Wedding Registry Surfaces

Counting On’s Jana Duggar may finally be moving on.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride seemed to be Jana’s secret mantra. However, internet sleuths have done their thing and uncovered wedding registries for Jana and her ‘alleged’ courter, Stephen Wissmann.

Jana and Stephen’s relationship has been talked about by Duggar fans and tabloids for the better part of a year without any confirmation from the Duggars or Wissmans that the pair are even together. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed Jana at Wissman family events like Christmas 2020 and vice versa, with Stephen seen at Jana’s brothers’ weddings- Jed’s  in April and Justin’s in February.

Like Jed and now wife Katelynn kept their courtship a secret and surprised fans with a “soooo…we got hitched” social media post, it looks as though Jana and Stephen wanted to do a similar thing. Unfortunately, their cover has been blown…maybe.

The supposed Jana and Stephen wedding registries exposed by a Reddit user aren’t necessarily legit, but they were found on wedding website, Zola, which has been used by Duggars in the past to share information about their weddings, registries, and more.

There are apparently two Zola websites with Jana and Stephen’s names on them. One uses their initials, while the other uses their first and last names, however, one did spell Wissmann incorrectly (one N was left off at the end of the surname) which could point to it being a fake.

The sites shared are password-protected, so there is no way to see any additional details but, if they are to be believed, Jana will be marrying the Nebraskan pilot on October 23, 2021.

As one fan suggests, a fall wedding seemed to suit Jana well so its definitely not far-fetched to believe the registries are real.

While we won’t know for sure until Jana and Stephen make an announcement that they will or are married, fans are hoping it is true.

Only time will tell.

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