DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Bishop’s Gambit

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the only show where you can use alien and Amelia Earhart in the same sentence when talking about it and it makes total sense.

We saw more extraterrestrial creatures on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 6 than we probably have on all of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 so far, and it was epic.

We were promised aliens, and aliens are what we got. But we also are getting a great villain, surprising plot twists, and an intriguing story that we are excited to watch every week.

“Bishop’s Gambit” was another fun hour produced by the wackiest team of writers on network television. Even though it didn’t contribute much to furthering the overarching season story until its last scene, it was still successful.

We didn’t learn much more about Bishop’s plan, nor were the Legends any closer to saving Sara despite Mick’s attempts. But all of the characters have enough chemistry to make almost any episode entertaining.

Even the new characters play great off of one another and with old characters, which is a difficult feat to do on a well-established show.

Gideon: According to records, the patient flew into a manic episode during a procedure, causing the massacre. Victims were found with sting marks and exploded hearts.

Nate: We never meet the chill aliens.

There were little moments here and there that clued us in on how tight this group is even though they often find one another annoying.

Constantine could have gone off on the Legends for taking over his house, but he’s come to see this group as his family. And who doesn’t love a good found family trope?

Picking up from where they left off on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 5, Astra continued to learn magic from Constantine.

There weren’t a lot of scenes of them together because this was a jam-packed episode where almost every character was featured, but it was nice to see their teacher-student relationship growing.

Though we love to see Astra have Constantine’s back and vice versa, we hate that they lied to Zari about him not having his powers anymore. She deserves the truth, as does her promising relationship with John.

Behrad: See, names and nomenclature imply we aren’t all the same organism, living and breathing as one.

Pizza Delivery Guy: So I’m also Behrad Tarazi?

Behrad: Everyone is, and they aren’t.

Pizza Delivery Guy: Oh, bruv.

But since it looks as if Constantine can’t use magic himself, Astra will be the Legends’ go-to practicer of the dark arts going forward.

Astra’s not perfect yet, of course, but she is showing some real promise. Can’t we just call her a Legend at this point? Especially if Constantine is going to be without his magic for a while.

Behrad and Spooner also shared a couple of nice moments that strengthened their relationship.

It’s hard to tell if the show is going to go down the romance route with them because, as of right now, they are only giving off friendship vibes. But, in any case, they were fun to watch together.

Whether it was Behrad and Spooner playing good cop/bad cop with Amelia Earhart or Behrad giving her advice regarding her alien situation, it’s great to know that Spooner is being welcomed on the Waverider.

And Spooner is going to need all the support she can get if she starts turning into an alien, just like Amelia.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we can speculate that both Spooner and Amelia underwent the same operation at the hands of Bishop.

This would account for Spooner’s ability to communicate with and sense aliens.

I’m so sorry about D squad, no matter how delicious they were. But I never would have knowingly eaten an Ava. You’re the most remarkable women I’ve ever met! The Ava I know, she’s a great leader, has amazing hair just like you, and still has time for her one true pairing, Sara.


She has become an integral part of this season and the Legends’ fight to save Sara. So we hope that she doesn’t transition into an alien and that the Legends do not have to kill her just like Amelia.

Plus, Spooner is a unique character, which is another impressive feat by this show given its crazy ensemble.

We want Spooner to be a permanent resident on the Waverider. Well, at the very least, she should stay until the end of this season.

Mick’s unyielding desire to save Sara is so endearing. Who would have ever expected this from him after DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1?

He wants his captain back almost as much as Ava does, and he’s willing to do anything to find her. If there is one person who is going to save Sara Lance other than Sara herself, it’s Mick.

Mick: You drank all the booze.

Kayla: Not my fault you couldn’t keep up.

Mick: I can only hold two glasses at a time unlike you who can hold eight with your…tentacle things.

Kayla: Or you’re just a lightweight.

Mick has gotten farther than any of the Legends have so far in their quest to find Sara. But once he landed on the alien planet that she was on, he immediately faced a few setbacks.

Mick is anything if not resilient, though, and he found his way back to Kayla and her ship. Of course, then another group of aliens found them, and they were forced to retreat to one of the pods on the ship.

There, Mick and Kayla gave in to their obvious sexual tension. Only Mick would have sex with an alien. But who are we to complain if he has finally found the one?

Now, we must discuss the end of “Bishop’s Gambit” because what just happened?

The reveal that the real Sara is actually dead and the Sara we have been watching for the past couple of episodes is a clone was probably one of the biggest shocks of the series.

Yes, Sara has died more than any other character in the Arrowverse, but this is different. This time, she has already been brought back to life before she and the rest of us knew of her death.

Every scar on my body is a memory, a lesson that I learned in blood. And it’s what makes me who I am. And I don’t forget any of it.


It’s impressive that they have made another one of Sara’s deaths surprising and heartbreaking. And now if we look back on the scene where Ava finds out that her fiance is dead, it’s a hundred times more depressing.

We thought that she was still alive and that the alien inside of Amelia was mistaken. Now, there are more clones on this show than we ever thought there would be.

What did you think, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Fanatics?

Were you shocked that Sara is a clone? How will Ava cope with the news of Sara’s death? Will Spooner eventually turn into an alien? Do you think Gary has won over the Ava clones?

And should Constantine tell Zari that he no longer has his magic?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow online right here via TV Fanatic!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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