Dead by Daylight’s Hellraiser Chapter Gets a Release Date

After revealing Dead by Daylight’s new Hellraiser Chapter and letting players go hands-on with Pinhead on the test servers, Behaviour Interactive has now set a release date for the DLC. The game’s newest Chapter will be available on September 7th, the developers confirmed on Friday, which means players have less than a week to go before they can add Hellraiser to their growing collections of licensed crossovers in Dead by Daylight.

The Hellraiser Chapter was revealed weeks ago after a few teasers hinted that Pinhead – the Killer known as “The Cenobite” in the game – would be added to Dead by Daylight. After spending some time on the test servers to smooth things out, The Cenobite got his release date courtesy of the new DLC trailer seen below.

A Killer for those who wish to think outside the box.

The #Hellraiser Chapter arrives next week.

— Dead by Daylight ⛓ (@DeadByBHVR) September 3, 2021

Unlike some of the other Chapters that Dead by Daylight’s gotten in the past, this one doesn’t come with the typical trio of a Survivor, a Killer, and a map. instead, it only has a Killer in it, but it’s still considered a Chapter as opposed to some of the smaller DLC packs that Behaviour occasionally releases. Pinhead would’ve been the main attraction of any iteration of a Hellraiser crossover regardless, so his presence alone is plenty enough for most people who were hoping for this to happen.

Shortly after Pinhead was confirmed for Dead by Daylight, we got a breakdown of what his power was and his perks looked like. He uses the Lament Configuration and fiendish chains to torment Survivors, but if you’ve tried him on the PTB or have been watching others play as him, it’s worth noting that Behaviour has updated the way his abilities work. The post below addressed that this week ahead of Pinhead’s release on the live servers.


Learn more about the new Grade system, The Cenobite changes, and more in this month’s Developer Update.


What grade would you give this Developer Update? 📝

— Dead by Daylight ⛓ (@DeadByBHVR) September 2, 2021

Dead by Daylight’s Hellraiser Chapter is scheduled to arrive on the live servers of all platforms on September 7th.

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