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Disenchantment Season 3: Who Voices Gordy? The IT Crowd Connection Explained

Disenchantment Season 3: Who Voices Gordy? The IT Crowd Connection Explained
Disenchantment Season 3: Who Voices Gordy? The IT Crowd Connection Explained

Here is who voices Gordy in Netflix’s Disenchantment season 3, and the way the actor connects to The IT Crowd. Disenchantment season Three introduces a number of new characters to Matt Groening’s fantasy sequence, together with fiendly employee Gordy voiced, whom Bean (Abbi Jacobson) meets in Steamland.

Bean runs into Gordy in Gunderson Steamworks as she searches for the Arch Druidess (Tress Macneille). He’s welcoming and useful, even aiding Bean in her quest. Nevertheless, issues take a flip when he reveals himself to be Alva Gunderson, head of Gunderson Steamworks, and that he used the Arch Druidess to lure Bean to Steamland. Alva desires to forge a relationship between Steamland and Dreamland with a purpose to harness the magic he’s satisfied Dreamland possesses, however Bean is uninterested and flees.

Gordy is voiced by Richard Ayoade in Disenchantment season 3. Whereas Gordy and Alva are usually not current in lots of episodes of the third season, Ayoade delivers a enjoyable vocal efficiency as a possible antagonist for Bean. Including to his look within the sequence is that proven fact that Ayoade is reuniting with two of his co-stars from The IT Crowd: Noel Fielding and Matt Berry. Fielding voices Stan the executioner, and Berry voices Prince Merkimer, the pig from the dominion of Brentwood. Followers of Disenchantment and British comedy exhibits alike will certainly get pleasure from how these three actors’ performances create a crossover between the 2.
Ayoade, Fielding, and Berry are all well known for their work on The IT Crowd, which follows a group of misfit IT workers at Reynholm Industries. Ayoade plays Maurice Moss, a lovable nerd and hard worker, as well as one of the show’s leads. Fielding and Berry appear throughout – Fielding as goth employee Richmond Avenal and Berry as Douglas Reynholm, the lecherous head of Reynholm Industries from season 2 onward.

The three actors have worked together outside of The IT Crowd and Disenchantment as well. All of them appear in The Mighty Boosh, a surreal comedy headed by Fielding and his collaborator Julian Barratt. Ayoade and Berry both star in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, a show within a show about people involved in an unreleased 1980s horror series record a commentary track. The show had a short run, but it has since garnered a cult following.

Aside from their work on Disenchantment, all three comedians are currently involved in other film and TV work. Berry stars in FX’s What We Do In The Shadows, and Fielding is one of the hosts of the Great British Baking Show. Aoyade recently lent his voice to two massive projects, appearing in Soul as Counselor Jerry and in The Mandalorian as Zero the droid.

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