‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Double Pregnant?

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‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Spoilers reveal that Karen got a positive pregnancy test.  Deon went and drove in the middle of the night to get a test to see if Karen was pregnant and sure enough she was! It was touching to see them so happy, even though they already have 14 children, they were happy to add another life to the mix.

Both he and Karen said that it’s always exciting to have another child, and considering how many kids wind up in adverse situations these days, it’s great to see a family that genuinely loves their children.

‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’: Double Pregnant?

Deon proposed the idea of multiples, calling it “double pregnant” which made Karen laugh because she said he sounded like a teenage boy bragging about how he got his girlfriend “double pregnant”. But Deon has a point  because Karen has had several sets of multiples and it just seems like that is the norm for her now. Of course, Grandma GG freaked out because it looks like Grandma is a bit worn out with babysitting.

After all, Grandma GG is a recent transplant to Las Vegas. She has her own place right down the road from the Derrico’s in one of their rental properties, but prior to this she lived in a completely different state and only came around during holidays.

It’s completely different when Grandma GG is expected to be around as a permanent fixture when she didn’t really sign on for that. However during the argument Deon was quick to point out that he never asked for anything that nobody wasn’t willing to give, so there’s that.

In the upcoming previews, we get to see Deon school Grandma GG on the fact that like the bible says he wants hundreds of arrows in his quiver and she looked at him like he was insane and said, “That’s old testament, I believe in the new testament!” most people do but I guess Deon wants to be vintage.

However, there could be trouble in paradise because the ultrasound is showing that while there is a sac in Karen’s uterus, that there doesn’t seem to be anything in it… which isn’t good. Will Karen miscarry? Stay tuned!!!

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