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Why The ET Sequel Never Happened

Why The ET Sequel Never Happened
Why The ET Sequel Never Happened

E.T the Further-Terrestrial may have had a sequel, but Steven Spielberg finally decided to not transfer ahead with it. The sci-fi basic E.T was launched in 1982 and has been praised by critics ever since, who take into account it one of many best movies of its era in addition to among the best movies ever made. At some point, E.T was the highest-grossing movie of all time, surpassing Star Wars, but it was later overtaken by one other Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park, in 1993.

E.T follows Elliott (Henry Thomas), a boy who finds an alien in his yard and shortly befriends it. The creature, named “E.T” by Elliott, was left behind by his group and should discover a option to return to his dwelling planet. Elliott and his siblings, Michael (Robert MacNaughton) and Gertie (Drew Barrymore), assist it contact its family while also maintaining it hidden from the government. Elliott’s sturdy bond with the creature was certainly one of a form, and will have been key in a sequel, had Spielberg decided to make it occur.

Shortly after the release of E.T, Spielberg revealed that he and Melissa Mathison (who wrote the primary movie) had written a remedy for a sequel, which was titled E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears. Spielberg decided to not make a sequel as it will solely “rob the unique of its virginity”, which was a really clever decision contemplating that the concept for the sequel was fairly obscure and much from E.T’s story of childhood and friendship. The remedy for Nocturnal Fears made its option to the online, and though it has the same starting to the unique movie, with an enormous UFO descending upon the identical forest, these aliens were nothing like Elliott’s friend.

This time, the aliens would have been evil – actually evil, as they were carnivorous and emitted a “hypnotic hum” with paralyzing results on the surrounding wildlife. Though these aliens seemed like E.T, they were an albino mutation that were at conflict with E.T’s fraction for many years. These creatures later took Elliott and firm hostage, interrogating and inspecting them, committing baby torture. E.T ultimately got here again to save lots of them, solely to depart once more on the finish. It’s simple to see why Spielberg felt this could have deeply harm the primary movie.

In an interview with Andy Cohen in 2018, Drew Barrymore shared that Spielberg was Never actually on board with a sequel, telling her {that a} second E.T movie was Never going to be made as “it’s simply as it’s”. In the long run, E.T is a full story that doesn’t require any sequels, retellings, or prequels of any form as a result of Spielberg made it that method, and that’s one of many many the reason why it has develop into one of many best sci-fi movies ever made.

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