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The Expanse: Naomi’s Plan Explained: How (& Why) She Changed The Transmission

The Expanse: Naomi's Plan Explained: How (& Why) She Changed The Transmission
The Expanse: Naomi’s Plan Explained: How (& Why) She Changed The Transmission

How does Naomi Nagata hope to avoid wasting the Rocinante in The Expanse season 5? The fab 4 of Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex have squeezed their approach out of some tight spots since changing into the unintentional saviors of the Sol system, however even by their requirements, the present state of affairs seems bleak. Originally of The Expanse season 5, Naomi left to rescue her son Filip from the boy’s father (and the system’s most needed man), Marco Inaros. Whereas Naomi was capable of reconnect with Filip, she was taken prisoner by Marco, who used Naomi’s ship to put a plan that’ll destroy the Rocinante for good.

Naomi’s Chetzemoka is now luring Holden and the Roci into Marco’s firing line by broadcasting a faux distress sign on a loop from the empty vessel. Holden will pull as much as the Chetzemoka anticipating to rescue his girlfriend, and as a substitute be greeted by a shock explosion courtesy of the Free Navy. Solely Naomi Nagata stands an opportunity of halting this insidious plot. After hurling herself by way of house from the Pella to the Chetzemoka, Naomi discovers the supply of the published and units about making an attempt to cease it – and if there’s one individual you’d put cash on fixing a sabotaged ship, it is the Rocinante’s famend engineer.

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Naomi’s first plan is to rig a makeshift communication gadget out of a spacesuit helmet’s radio system, which she plugs into the Chetzemoka’s major console after borrowing some wires from elsewhere within the ship. Enduring searing ache from her unprotected spacewalk, Naomi succeeds, and sends out a message explaining that the distress name is faux, not realizing whether it’s going to truly attain anybody. When Alex later replies to the unique, faux message, Naomi realizes her phrases should’ve fallen on deaf ears. After a short second of despair, Naomi realizes that if she will’t ship a brand new message, she may be capable of change the prevailing one.

She memorizes the bogus message arrange by Marco Inaros and begins repeating it to herself to get the rhythm and timing proper. Naomi then ventures into the Chetzemoka’s depressurized hull, however has no oxygen tank, so she will solely spend a restricted time within the hazard zone earlier than needing air. Reaching one of many ship’s circuit bins, she begins peeling off the insulation of the wires inside to search out which field corresponds to the outgoing message. Following every journey, Naomi marks the wall to maintain observe of what number of circuits she’s tried. Round 13 makes an attempt later, Naomi reaches circuit field L3, shaves off the wire masking, after which pulls on it along with her metallic spanner. Lastly, Marco’s message begins chopping out each time Naomi tugs the uncovered wire. This permits her to chop sure phrases out of the distress name. As an alternative of “That is Naomi Nagata of the Rocinante. For those who get this message please retransmit. Inform James Holden I’m in distress. Comm just isn’t responding. I’ve no nav control…” the speech now goes “That is Naomi Nagata. Inform James Holden I’m in control.” After a number of rounds, she cuts the sign.

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Some viewers may query why Naomi did not reduce the message off instantly in The Expanse’s newest episode, since she was clearly able to doing so. Whereas Naomi actually may’ve halted the message, ending the transmission altogether would not have served her function. Naomi has no solution to know whether the Rocinante had already been acquired the decision, so merely chopping it would not have prevented Holden coming to avoid wasting her. By sending a distinct message to reassure the recipient that every part is ok, nevertheless, Naomi Nagata has a greater chance of saving her crew.

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