Game of Thrones Fans Respond to Anniversary Tease With Calls for Season 8 Remake

Game of Thrones Fans Respond to Anniversary Tease With Calls for Season 8 Remake

As HBO begins its month-long celebration of Game of Thrones‘ 10th anniversary, fans are demanding for season 8 to be remade. It’s been almost two years since the fantastical series wrapped up its run. But instead of an ending fitting for one of the most successful shows of the decade, it was met with a divisive response from its most ardent followers.

The lackluster ending was mostly blamed on how much of it was rushed. Game of Thrones’ final season only had 6 episodes compared to the standard 10 outings. While it made up for it with four extended 80-minute runtimes, it still wasn’t enough to properly tackle all the ongoing storylines. Aside from this, a lot of the creative decisions made were poorly received particularly having Bran the Broken as the ultimate ruler of Westeros. Meanwhile, Daenerys, who was once perceived as the true lead of the show, died at the hands of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) following her ruthless burning of King’s Landing in the penultimate episode. It was supposed to harken back to her connection to the Mad King, but the series of twists was so badly executed that it didn’t resonate with viewers.

Now, HBO attempts to revive the hype surrounding Game of Thrones through a Twitter post that reads “Winter Is Coming” — a reference to the most popular tagline from the show and the George R.R. Martin books that it’s based on. But instead of an excited fan base, people responded with demands to remake the disappointing season 8. Check out some of the replies below:

The final tweet refers to HBO Max greenlighting Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which allowed director Zack Snyder to finish his version of the DCEU ensemble project. The theatrical version of the film was significantly changed after he left the production and was replaced by Joss Whedon in 2017. Shortly after that, the “Release the Snyder Cut” movement was born and had been going on until their goal was achieved. Now, the campaign is setting its sights on Restoring the SnyderVerse which will give the filmmaker additional funding to finish the scrapped Justice League 2 and 3. It’s uncertain if HBO will heed Game of Thrones‘ fans demands at this point, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League is proof that it’s not totally impossible.

Aside from simply giving in to the petition to have Game of Thrones season 8 remade, doing so potentially has some benefits to HBO. As such, they are trying to keep the franchise alive by launching multiple spin-offs, but the interest is just isn’t at the same level of fanfare that their parent series experienced. This may very well be because its fanbase was so burned by the disappointing ending that they no longer want to invest their time following any content from the lore. Fixing the show’s finale and coming out with a fitting send-off to Game of Thrones, however, can change that.


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