“He’s Not Even 40 Yet!” Prince Harry Slammed And Roasted For Writing Tell-All Memoir

It’s only been a hot minute since Prince Harry announced that he is writing a tell-all book about his life as a royal and as many fans would guess, the internet sure has a lot to say about it.

A royal bombshell of a book is on its way and yes, people are mocking it, slamming it, roasting it, and even putting some garlic sauce on top of it as it’s sure to be very salty.

Random House has confirmed the news of the memoir by releasing a statement that reads: “Prince Harry will share, for the very first time, the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped shape him.”

The book will cover his “lifetime in the public eye from childhood to the present day,” and he’ll “offer an honest and captivating personal portrait.”

Harry himself even said he’s writing it “not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become,” adding that the memoir will delve into the “highs and lows” of his life and allow him to share “what I’ve learned.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for both royal fans and critics alike to comment on the matter, with a lot of them pointing out that there might not be a need for Prince Harry to continue throwing his family members under the bus anymore.

Some comments from critics have included, “He’s not even 40 and he thinks he’s worthy of a memoir? He’s become the equivalent of the Chinese water torture,” along with, “You mean a ghostwriter is writing his memoir. It will be a Daddy Dearest type book, save for the parts where he sanctifies his mother. He will either skip over the Nazi incident or make excuses for it – and basically it’s an exercise in flipping his family off.”

Another critic wrote, “We know he is not writing it. Do you think it will be The Wife (who thinks her talents are endless) or Omid Scobie? Will he use half the book to go one about his mum & how he suffered as result of her death—like he is the only person to have parent die horrifically and publicly.”

Prince Harry said he will be donating the proceeds from the book to charity.

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