Jujutsu Kaisen fans were shocked by today’s announcement that the manga series is going on indefinite hiatus. The reason given for Jujutsu Kaisen‘s delay is that its creator Gege Akutami is suffering from poor health, and needs some serious rest time; that time is estimated to be one month, but could indeed run longer.

Well, while Jujutsu Kaisen fans are certainly disappointed that the popular manga series is coming to a sudden halt, there’s been an outpouring of support for Akutami, with fans telling the mangaka to take all the time he needs and to put his health first. Given the frantic pace that Akutami has been working at, he’s more than earned the time off:

Word From Gege Akutami

From Akutami Gege.

I have been asked by the editorial department to take a break from the series, but I don’t want to slow down the weekly serialization of Jujutsu Kaisen since I’d like to draw the end of the series as soon as possible, and just put a hold on my answer.

— Shonen Jump News – Unofficial (@WSJ_manga) June 9, 2021

The suspension period should be about one month.

Even if I say I’m sick, it’s not any serious illness. My mental health is completely fine, so do not worry about it. I’m really sorry I’ll have to keep you waiting. Once I come back, I’ll do my best with the serialization.”

— Shonen Jump News – Unofficial (@WSJ_manga) June 9, 2021

Word from the man himself. There are some serious positives and some definite negatives in his response. 


Have A Good Rest, Sensei!

He loves his Job, but he need to rest if he wants to continue Drawing!!!•́ ‿ ,•̀

Have a Good Rest Akutami-sensei‼️ pic.twitter.com/MZ9ysW1hEV

— Kensuke Yuno ☆ ケンスケ☆ (@KensukeYuno6) June 9, 2021

Akutami-sensei has the blessing of his many fans to get that R&R. 


We’ll Miss You Jujutsu Kaisen!

im glad gege’s going on hiatus and getting some rest, they’ve been working ridiculously hard week after week. i will ofc miss jujutsu kaisen but a mangaka’s health should always come first. gege deserves this time off


We all want Akutami-sensei to get better – but we’ll also miss Jujutsu Kaisen while it’s on hiatus. It’s a complicated world. 


Justice For Mangakas

When are manga authors working conditions going to get better:/

— asscake (@as6267952561) June 9, 2021

Even with Shonen Jump offering Akutami a long break, the time-crunch and stress that mangakas work under continue getting renewed focus. 



It’s Spreading…

Why do so many great artists have health issues so close together. Back in May Kentaro Miura (Berserk) passed away from health complications and now Gege Akutami (Jujustu Kaisen) is dealing with health issues so JK is going on an indefinite hiatus.

— Mephisto2996 Gaming (@MephistoGaming3) June 9, 2021

Anime/manga fans are beginning to see a pattern forming here – and it’s not one they like…