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The Last of Us Multiplayer Has A Weird Difference Depending On Gender

The Last of Us Multiplayer Has A Weird Difference Depending On Gender
The Last of Us Multiplayer Has A Weird Difference Depending On Gender

The Last of Us first launched as a PS3 unique again in 2013. However despite the fact that the game is almost eight years previous, and despite the fact that writer Naughty Canine has since launched its sequel The Last of Us: Half II, the unique game still has a loyal fanbase, notably its “Factions MP” multiplayer characteristic. Even in 2021, Factions devotees are still battling, still debating, and still discovering new options concerning the game. Lately, one YouTuber has seen a refined Difference between female and male characters in Factions, and it is a fairly unusual one.

In Factions, the player joins both the Hunters or the Fireflies, two teams from the unique game, and competes in opposition to the opposing faction in groups of twelve. Its three totally different game modes (Provide Raid, Survivors, and Interrogation) are all variations on the traditional multiplayer objective, to wipe out the opposite crew earlier than they wipe out the player’s. However through the use of the same survival-horror gameplay mechanics discovered within the base game, like ammo scarcity and non-regenerating well being, The Last of Us creates a riveting multiplayer expertise hardly ever discovered within the common area fight title.

Effectively-designed as Factions could also be, one characteristic is a head-scratcher. As YouTuber Anthony Caliber identified, solely male characters have the “shaky cam” characteristic once they run. It is a mechanic from The Last of Us’ base game which causes the camera to gyrate each time the player sprints. Utilizing a side-by-side comparability, Anthony Caliber confirmed that the male character’s camera shakes when he sprints, however when the feminine character runs, her camera is smooth. Take a look at the video beneath:

It is unclear whether or not it is a deliberate design selection or an oversight, nevertheless it’s extra prone to be the latter. There aren’t any gameplay variations between Faction’s two clans or between the female and male multiplayer characters. The game does not even let the player select between a male or a feminine player, as an alternative assigning it randomly. Moreover, The Last of Us: Half II’s accessibility options allowed the player to put off camera shake fully. The shaky camera is actually an aesthetic choice that does not have an effect on gameplay, so it is unlikely Naughty Canine meant for this Difference to be a game-changer.

Last Of Us 2 Factions Mode Is Coming Eventually

Both means, offering quality Last of Us multiplayer is clearly a precedence for Naughty Canine. It was a disappointment to many series followers when The Last of Us: Half II launched with out multiplayer, however the firm defined that it wished to deal with the single-player mode. Since then, the corporate has mentioned that there could be The Last of Us: Half II multiplayer sooner or later, within the type of a standalone game. No additional particulars nor a launch window have been introduced. However one element about The Last of Us: Half II’s multiplayer is definite: male or feminine, the camera will not shake when the player sprints except they really need it to.


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