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Legacies Season 4 Episode 2 Review: There’s No I In Team, or Whatever

Legacies Season 4 Episode 2 Review: There’s No I In Team, or Whatever

Secrets can tear relationships apart.

Hope relinquished control on Legacies Season 4 Episode 2 to allow the Super Squad time to help restore order, but her decision proved to be fateful.

Bringing Clark into the mix was not the best idea, but you need to make some tough decisions with your back against the wall and a ruthless killer that can erase everyone from existence.

If you watch Legacies online, you know Clark has been a character who plays in the gray area, meaning we’ve never been able to understand his true intentions, but a part of him recognized that Hope was genuine when she followed through on her end of the deal.

She could have threatened him into leaving Mystic Falls, but instead, she gave him what was promised and a means of escape. That’s pretty commendable and the opposite of what her father would have done if he was still around to scheme.

Clark works very well as this character that pops up here and there, and I believe he’ll be back in some capacity down the line, possibly when Malivore is defeated, and we might see him and Landon carving out a bond.

The questions about Malivore’s endgame are starting to become clear, and the emphasis on him having a thirst for humans now was clearly a seed planted that he’ll be erasing characters from existence.

I’m not sure what he did to Ethan at the close of the episode, but it wasn’t good. I’ll be honest, I forgot Ethan existed until he was mentioned again. This show has a knack for bringing characters into the mix and not developing them.

Hope learning that Alaric has been lying to her was immense. He was the one person she trusted after the death of her parents, and learning that he’s betrayed her is not going to do any good for their relationship.

Whatever Alaric has to say, it will probably result in her becoming the Tribrid, something Alaric will want to avoid at all costs due to his first-hand knowledge of dealing with Klaus.

Alaric also feels like he has a duty of care to Hope, but when she very likely loses her humanity after inevitably activating the vampire side, she will likely kill someone in her inner circle.

That person will probably be Alaric. Knowing that Claire Holt is returning as Rebekah makes it obvious Hope will go off the deep end.

Hope has always been the type of person to think in the short term instead of the long term, and saving Landon while making her the most powerful being on the planet might not be as feasible as she thought it would be.

There has to be more to Malivore’s plan, and it wouldn’t shock me if we got a last-minute reveal that Malivore needed Hope to become the Tribrid to make him stronger.

Malivore has been dragged kicking and screaming for about two seasons too long, and it doesn’t seem like the writers plan on ending the arc any time soon, so there will come the point he has to transform into something else.

Then again, maybe the next few seasons will be about the merge. Poor Josie can never catch a break because things from her past keep returning to mess with her future. It’s unfortunate, but her relationship with Finch was never destined for success.

I would appreciate the writing much more if the show found a way to give Josie a love interest that doesn’t balk at every single thing going wrong.

Finch has been put in danger due to her relationship with Josie, and now that we know Finch is finding it too much to be with her, Josie is going to put her walls up so high that no one will be able to get through to her.

You can only be hurt so many times before you stop letting people in. Then again, Finch has to accept at least part of the responsibility here. Josie has been vocal about her life, but somehow, Finch continued to pursue her.

Speaking of relationships, what the hell was all of that with Lizzie and Ethan? They got the corniest dialogue, and Lizzie using magic that looked ripped out of a show from the 1990s was more comical than exciting.

At one point, there seemed to be a genuine connection between Lizzie and Ethan, but it completely and utterly fizzled out with a single installment. Ethan may be dead, but it’s far more possible Malivore is putting parts of himself in different humans to infiltrate the school.

M.G.’s jealousy was embarrassing. Had he told Lizzie the truth that he had a thing for her, there’s a good chance she would have weighed up her options to tell him whether it would work. Witnessing him stalk the date was something, and it didn’t do his character any favors.

“There’s No I In Team, or Whatever” was a huge improvement on Legacies Season 4 Episode 1, and I have a little bit more faith that the storyline is finally going somewhere.

What are your thoughts on Malivore’s escape?

What do you think Alaric is hiding about Landon?

Were you surprised Hope let Clark go?

Hit the comments.

Legacies continues Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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