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The Marvel Universe Has Its Own Version of Walking Dead

The Marvel Universe Has Its Own Version of Walking Dead
The Marvel Universe Has Its Own Version of Walking Dead

Earth-616 in Marvel Comics is ostensibly primarily based on an analogous actuality to ours with its Own New York Metropolis and other analogous options. It diverges fairly clearly with all of the super-powered individuals flying and swinging round and the unending threats that put the Earth at stake. However a type of bizarre similarities to actual life is a well-liked zombie TV show similar to our Earth solely it’s not known as The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead comic by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore was a wildly fashionable and grim story of survivors within the zombie apocalypse that mirrored extra on the monstrous nature of humanity on the brink than the flesh-eating plague of monsters that gripped the world. The TV adaptation also surged with reputation in the course of a zombie renaissance that noticed the undead creatures in lots of films, reveals, and comics. It solely is sensible {that a} fashionable comic and show would also exist within the simulacrum universe of Marvel Comics.

A throwaway line in Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1, by Larry Hama and David Wachter, identified the “Stalking Dead” is a well-liked show within the Marvel Universe. It was a line solely designed to tell the characters that decapitation or head smashing is the one strategy to beat zombie ninjas. However together with it attracts interesting parallels with Marvel Comics and the actual world.

Whereas there are other random similarities that writers throw in infrequently, including a knockoff comic into a comic book universe with its Own historical past steeped with heroes is a novel alternative. Why would a world with near-constant pitched battles exterior New Yorker’s windows want a fictional dystopia with zombies? The Walking Dead is fashionable on our Earth as a result of it’s a relatable but also bleaker world than our Own troubled one. Escapism via fiction permits for individuals to keep away from the ugliness in our Own world and revel in a fictive universe with its Own problems.

Apocalypse fiction has been in vogue for a while and displays a grim actuality. If the actual world begins to look barely dystopian then fiction veers farther into darkish territory as a car to research our troubled instances. The Walking Dead labored finest when its characters reacted how an everyday individual would when confronted with impossible circumstances and stomach-lurching decisions between life and loss of life.

Maybe the inhabitants of the Marvel Comics Universe want a diversion from the fixed siege towards Earth by beings with powers rivaling gods and resolved to decimate humanity. An apocalyptic zombie TV show would seem tame subsequent to the King in Black flooding the streets with an inky ooze of parasites and dragons intent on taking on Earth. A little bit of diversion right into a equally grim TV show would make for a welcome respite to the nervousness of dwelling within the Marvel Comics universe.


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