A new team of X-Men has been chosen, and they are set to make their big debut in Marvel’s upcoming X-Men #1. The new series kicks off on July 7th, and while we have to wait a little longer for the big team debut, we’ve got something that might help tide you over in the form of three exclusive and incredibly slick variant covers for X-Men #1. That includes two variant covers by Doaly and Skottie Young, as well as an awesome Trading Card Variant by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson, and you can check them all out starting on the next slide.

The Doaly cover features a gorgeous green color palette and features Marvel Girl in the center, with Wolverine, Polaris, Synch, and Cyclops around her, all through the prism of Xavier’s helmet.

The Skottie Young cover might just be my favorite though, as it features a full team shot of Polaris, Wolverine, Rogue, Cyclops, Synch, Sunfire, and Marvel Girl as they head into battle.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Trading Card Variant by Dauterman and Wilson might be just up your alley, featuring an action shot of Cyclops on the front cover and all of his ability stats and a rundown of his story on the back cover.

You can check out all of the new covers starting on the next slide, and you can find the official description for X-Men #1 below.

“THESE X-MEN ARE… FEARLESS! The heroes of Krakoa are here to save the planet! Things might be complicated between the nation of Krakoa and the rest of the world, but to the X-MEN, things are simple — you do what’s right, you protect those who need protecting and you save the world we all share. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch and Polaris are the chosen champions of mutantkind, and they will not shrink from any battle for their home planet. Writer Gerry Duggan (MARAUDERS, DEADPOOL, UNCANNY AVENGERS) reteams with superstar artist Pepe Larraz (HOUSE OF X, X OF SWORDS, UNCANNY AVENGERS) to chart the course of the X-Men in a world of the Reign of X!”

X-Men #1 hits comic stores on July 7th.

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Variant Cover By Doaly

(Photo: Marvel)


Variant Cover By Skottie Young

(Photo: Marvel)


Trading Card Variant By Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson (Front)

(Photo: Marvel)


Trading Card Variant By Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson (Back)

(Photo: Marvel)