My Hero Academia Reveals the Way Heroes Win the War

My Hero Academia may have started with the idea of a world kept safe by noble pro heroes, but that sparkling vision has gradually given way to a much darker reality as the series has gone on. My Hero Academia’s big bad villain All For One has been a destructive force on the world for years, with the traumas of his evil presence and acts echoing across generations of heroes that have opposed him. It looks like Izuku Midoriya is the prophesied chosen one who could finally end All For One – and the latest My Hero Academia manga reveals just how the heroes plan on finally winning this war!

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 322 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest “Civil War” arc of My Hero Academia‘s manga, Deku has gone AWOL. He left U.A. High and his Class 1-A friends behind, striking out on his own mission to take down All For One. However, the villain overlord sees Izuku coming a mile away and laid out a series of traps and mercenaries that pushed Midoriya to a desperate place. The young would-be hero doesn’t want any others to die or get maimed in the crosshairs of his war with All For One and Shigaraki, but the strain of taking on all of AFO’s forces, alone, has worn him down.

In My Hero Academia chapter 322 Class 1-A has caught up to Deku and refuses to let him keep spiraling alone into a dark (and dangerously vulnerable) place. Izuku’s friends stamp their presentation with an emotional confession from Bakugo, who finally admits that he looked down on Izuku because he was jealous of his heart, and outright apologizes to his longtime frenemy with a solemn bow. However, when Bakugo is done humbling himself for Izuku, he drops a gem about how the heroes are finally going to end the threat of All For One, for good:

“There’s nothing wrong with the path you’ve been walking down since inheriting One For All and following All Might’s lead, Bakugo tells Izuku. “But now you’re barely standing. And those ideals along ain’t enough to get you over the wall you’re facing. We’re here to step in when you can’t hand it all on your own. Because to live up to those ideals and surpass All Might, we gotta save you the civilians at U.A., and the people on the streets. Because saving people is how we win.”

My Hero Academia Reveals How The Heroes Will Win The War Villains 322 Spoilers


Bakugo actually touches on something that’s very deep and profound about My Hero Academia‘s mythos: One For All’s originator and his first two inheritors fought in an age where pure survival and even killing were the heroes’ only options against All For One’s evil. Later inheritors of OFA either were isolated or simply didn’t have enough support to take All For One down. Izuku Midoriya is the first OFA user with both the personal conviction, heroic morals, and the support system to actually do what no one else before him could: finally stop All For One.

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