NBC Days of Our Lives spoilers: Did Xander blow it? And will Nicole go too far in Eric’s eyes?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal things went really wrong at the big anniversary party. Of course, what more can one expect from a Salem affair? They seem to attract bad luck. But the big reveal of Nicole Walker’s (Arianne Zucker) night with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) could have a couple big consequences coming. Let’s take a look.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Bad liar

First, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Nicole’s a terrible liar. She did try, though. At first, she gave some effort to discrediting Xander and his accusations. However, as the party wore on, Nicole eventually couldn’t keep lying. And Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) took off and went back to the apartment.

Personally, we get it. It can’t be easy to realize your wife slept with one of the more questionable residents of Salem. One they have a bad history with, no less. But still… this is the same guy who decided to extend his trip twice at the last second. And he never really asked her first. Which is something you do when you’re married. Especially when you weren’t even at the first anniversary yet. So, we do think he should find some forgiveness in him.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: The final straw?

Of course, there could be one problem there. According to teasers, Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson) encourages Lucas Horton (Brian Dattilo) to use Nicole to his advantage. So, we have a feeling that letter might find its way into her hands. And Nicole will likely not hesitate to use it. The weekly showed Sami Brady’s (Allison Sweeney) affair is exposed, so that seems a good bet. If that’s the case, Eric likely will have a problem with her taking revenge in that way.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Eric is set to leave again. Sure, he had to head back to wrap up his stint, but might this keep him gone longer? We’ll see.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Blowing it

Finally, there’s Xander. We can’t with the fact he didn’t even check the money before he pulled that act of sabotage on Sami’s behalf. He was pretty trusting, considering what happened last time. In the end, that worked out and he does have the money. But he probably lost something else.

Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) is one of the few friends Xander has in that town. Certainly, he was the only one who would’ve been willing to give a roof to Xander when he was penniless. Considering Jack had a similar experience to Nicole at his own anniversary party, the news of Xander’s stunt likely won’t sit well. He’ll be upset and disappointed Xander did that. And possibly triggered. So, we are expecting Jack to not only toss Xander out, but refuse to have anything to do with him. We hope Xander can make that million multiply, because he’ll need it.

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