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Netflix Updates Its Most Popular TV Show Seasons List

Netflix Updates Its Most Popular TV Show Seasons List

Netflix is rolling out a new system to track its viewership. Per Polygon, the streaming giant will begin tracking viewer numbers based on the number of hours a show or movie has been watched. The update comes amid its reporting for the third quarter. It’s intended to give subscribers a better idea of what’s trending on the platform. 

Previously, Netflix did not give many details regarding how many viewers tuned in to a specific program. Currently, the data provides an “account view” when a subscriber watches just two minutes or more of a show or movie. The new metric hopes to be more reflective of repeat viewings, as opposed to counting each account one time. 

An example given shows that the old metric favors programs that attracted lots of unique viewers. The new metric favors time a subscriber actually spends watching a program. With the new system, it relies on what’s sticking versus temporary trends. 

The change is also intended to make Netflix’s numbers more clear in future earnings announcements. The streaming service also announced that it would be revealing viewer data for its original programming more often in the future.  

The report notes a chart featuring what was most popular with the previous metric system versus the new one being implemented. Some of the same shows are on both lists. 

Ginny & Georgia: Season 1

The comedy-drama is new to Netflix. Season 1 became available in Feb. 2021.


Money Heist: Part 3

Money Heist’s third season also makes the list. Under the restructure, the third season comes in at No. 9.


Stranger Things 2

(Photo: Netflix)

Part 2 of Stranger Things is also on the list. The season comes in at No. 8.


You: Season 2

(Photo: Netflix)

The sinister series first premiered in 2018. The show’s fourth season was recently announced.


13 Reasons Why: Season 1

Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why also makes the list. The show chronicles what takes place after a student takes her own life.


13 Reasons Why: Season 2

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is a fan favorite. The show premiered in 2017.


The Witcher: Season 1

The first episode of The Witcher aired in 2019. On the show, Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to fit in a world where others are more wicked than most.


Stranger Things 3

The third season of the popular drama has been the most viewed thus far. Stranger Things premiered in 2016.


Money Heist, Pt 4


The drama series premiered in 2017. It comes in at the No. 2 spot under the new system.



Bridgerton, Season 1


It’s no surprise that Bridgerton tops the list. The show debuted in Dec. 2020 and quickly was lauded as the most-streamed show in the platform’s history.


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