Overwatch’s Mysterious “Pachimarchi” Event Starts Tomorrow

Overwatch's Mysterious "Pachimarchi" Event Starts Tomorrow,  Overwatch will be running a surprise mystery event themed around Pachimari, called PachiMarchi, filled with new items and themed challenges.

Overwatch will be running a surprise mystery event themed around Pachimari, called PachiMarchi, filled with new items and themed challenges.

The latest Overwatch event, PachiMarchi, begins tomorrow. Not much is known about this mysterious event, other than that it seems to be based around the adorable onion/octopus unofficial mascot of Overwatch, Pachimari.

Overwatch events generally revolve around a theme and add limited-time content; players will have two weeks of themed challenges and rewards to earn through playing regular matches and special limited-time-only modes. Themed skins, icons, emotes, voice lines and sprays will all be available in event-specific loot boxes, which can be earned through levelling up or by purchase through the online store.

The event was made public through the official Overwatch Twitter account, with a teaser trailer showing Pachimari falling from the sky across the Overwatch world in swarms. From March 9 to March 22, Pachimari will be taking over in a punny themed event entitled PachiMarchi. The brief teaser gave little information aside from the rain of mascots, though the account did warn fans to set up for “a sizzlin’ cephalopod showdown.”

This tweet is currently the only information available about the event. Based on previous events, players can expect Pachimari themed cosmetics and unlockables to be available during the two weeks the event will be running. There are already a number of Pachimari-themed character emotes and player icons in the game, so it makes sense that Blizzard will be building on the existing ones to expand the Pachimari options for customization.

Pachimari has been in the game since it launched back in 2016. Throughout the years, various different designs of Pachimari have popped up, sometimes tying into the event or seasonal theme. Pachimari’s creation came about out of a need to have some toys in the crane machines in the Hanamura map spawn room. The design was created by concept artist David Kang, who used the Korean word for onion “pa” as inspiration to create the cute hybrid plush. This plush has since been used in a number of maps and physical plushes can be bought from the Blizzard shop.

While this wasn’t the news Overwatch fans have been eagerly awaiting, some new content to the almost 5-year-old game is a welcome surprise. In the recent online Blizzcon event, Overwatch 2 was confirmed to not be releasing in 2021, meaning fans will have to wait another year until the sequel. In the meanwhile, surprise events such as PachiMarchi will help pass the time in the older game.

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