Pokemon fans are decidedly mixed about the rumored live-action Pokemon television series being produced by Netflix. News broke about the new Pokemon project, which will be headed by Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson, early today. Other than the name of the showrunner and the fact that the show will be live-action instead of animated, we don’t know much about the new series, but many fans of the Pokemon franchise have already formed an opinion about the project. Of course, Pokemon fans are known for having strong opinions (who could forget the controversy surrounding the National Pokedex?) and live-action adaptations of any video game franchise will be sure to illicit some strong reactions from people. Still, we’re surprised that there’s so little goodwill towards the new Pokemon series given the generally positive opinion most people have about the last live-action show.

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Keeping Expectations Very Low

I love how all the reactions in the replies are very lukewarm loool “Live action series” plus “Netflix” plus “Pokemon” just sounds like it’s doomed to fail. Keeping expectations VERY low.

— Caroline✨🏹 (@toasty_coconut) July 26, 2021


No thank you please

“Live Action Pokemon series”

No thank you, please. I’m so tired of live action based on animated series.

— ZanbonSen ☆ (@ZanbonSen) July 26, 2021


Could Work Better than the Rumored Cancelled Zelda Series

Variety: A live action Pokémon Netflix series is in development.

My initial thoughts? I can see this working better than the rumored cancelled Zelda series.https://t.co/zDDSpLT0Ir

— Stealth (@Stealth40k) July 26, 2021


Zero Faith in Netflix

As much as I enjoyed Detective Pikachu and thought it proved live-action Pokemon can work, I have ZERO faith in Netflix so file this one under extremely skeptical. https://t.co/8vSCCVOc1n

— DeoxysPrime (@DeoxysPrime) July 26, 2021


Canceled After One Season

Detective Pikachu was able to pull off live action Pokémon but I highly doubt Netflix is going to be able to do it. It’ll get canceled after one season.

— Saul (@saulnipolz) July 26, 2021


Puppets Instead of CGI

a pokemon live action tv series should use puppets instead of cgi for the pokemon

— Dunc Dunc Groose 🏳️‍🌈 (@LunarWordsmith) July 26, 2021