Earlier today, Gardevoir became the first new character added to Pokemon Unite. The Nintendo Switch game has only been out for about a week now, but a lot of players are already deciding to change their main to the new character! Gardevoir’s moveset makes it a force in the game, and players are quickly finding out the best ways to use the Pokemon. It remains to be seen whether Gardevoir will become a dominant force in the game, or if players will get sick of the Pokemon quickly, but it’s clearly a fan favorite right now! Many Pokemon Unite players took to social media today to share their enthusiasm for the game’s newest addition.

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite!

Some fans found a new main!

Well no more wigglytuff maining in unite, Gardevoir is the most fun I’ve had for sure, psychock is so fun to use, and moonblast is really good

Im glad the other moves are actually viable though too, future sight can be ridiculous, and psyshock with psychic is so much damage

— James Perrott 🍌 (@jamesperrott1) July 29, 2021


Gardevoir’s moves make it a force to be reckoned with…

Gardevoir’s damage output in Pokemon Unite is insane!

— Ryan Jermar (@xL0d3stvrx) July 29, 2021


…and fun to play, too!

After a lot of matches i can say Gardevoir is a solid unit in Unite, not one of the bests but it’s fun to play as her, definitely maining her

— Sprunkzy ✝ Time to Repent ✝ (@sprunkzy) July 28, 2021


The Pokemon is becoming a fast favorite.

Wow Gardevoir in Unite is just way too good!

— Ryka (@RykaGreywoode) July 28, 2021


Players are calling this a successful release for the game.

Feel like Gardevoir had a very successful release. Clear strengths and weaknesses, fun to play, all of her moves are not only viable but work in any combination, has a great Unite move and possesses a very well-structured “weak early, strong late” role. I love her! 🥰

— Alex Lopez (@HeartOfCold_AL) July 28, 2021


There’s some huge enthusiasm for Gardevoir.

Nearly cried playing Gardevoir on Unite. Its just so pure how at home i felt

— ranko final gemesis (@rankomon) July 28, 2021


Well, it’s decided, then!

Okay so Gardevoir is the best Pokémon in unite and if you disagree with me you’re wrong…

— BenthiccGaming (@BenthiccGaming) July 28, 2021


Not everyone is switching their main, though.

Gardevoir is pretty fun in unite

Still won’t give up my Mime tho

— Nia (@NaloraLaurel) July 28, 2021