Prince Harry’s New Memoir Might Be Turned Into A Movie – British Royal Family

It’s only been a hot minute since Prince Harry has announced that he’s writing a memoir about his life as a royal, and people are already dying to get their hands on it.

That, and there’s even speculation that the Duke of Sussex’s book might be turned into a “scandalous” Hollywood movie. Well, it can only be scandalous if Meghan Markle plays the role as Meghan Markle, right? Here’s what you need to know.

According to reports, Prince Harry is set to release a new book, published by Penguin Random House, in 2022.

And while reaction of the news has been somewhat mixed by royal fans, others are saying that the prince has certainly burnt his last bridge with his family members, as there will be no turning back after this one, especially if he continues to air out the royal family’s dirty laundry in his book.

Yet, royal author and expert Gyles Brandreth doesn’t understand what all of the fuss is about, as there have been plenty of royals who have worked with ghostwriters for their books in the past, too.

While on the show This Morning, Brandreth said, “The Duke of Windsor, who had been king, he published his book called A King’s Story and that’s what it is going to be: My Story. When Prince Charles and Diana had done this in the 1990s, it just caused a lot of heartaches – spilling the beans, letting it all hang out may be good therapy for them and it certainly would be brilliant box office.”

He also said that he believes this book will eventually be turned into a Hollywood movie, too.

Brandreth added, “Eventually, I think, it will be a movie. They have chosen an interesting ghostwriter. Harry and Meghan have chosen a ghostwriter by the name of JR Moehringer. He’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist as well as someone who has written the biographies of other people like the founder of Nike.”

So far Prince Harry has not made any additional comments about the book.

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