Rihanna’s third annual fashion show for her Savage x Fenty lingerie line is finally available on Amazon Prime Video. The highly anticipated show became available for streaming on Friday, Sept. 24. In spite of the sexy lingerie, performances from artists such as Lizzo, and Rihanna continuing to shine bright like a diamond, some viewers were not happy. Viewers complained about the ‘We Found Love’ singer styling white models’ hair in braid extensions. 

During the show, white models strutted their best catwalk down the runway with braids in their hair that many. Many felt the style was cultural appropriation. Two of the models, Emily Ratajkowski and actress Vanessa Hudgens, were specifically singled out.

A TikToker shared a video about the show, noting Barbadian singer’s choice to include white models in the hairstyles. The user also was puzzled about the choice of music when Ratajkowski appeared. Ratajkowski walked to the beat of N.E.R.D’s ‘Lemon’ which features Rihanna. The specific portion of the song sang the lyrics, “Mad ethnic right now.” The video has over 600,000 views and nearly  100k likes.

Per The Daily Dot, an apology was later issued, explaining that the inclusion was a “huge oversight and unintentionally offensive.” The portion was later edited to feature a different song. Check out some of the reactions below:

The Funny Bone

I wish I could write something as funny as Rihanna putting all these white girls in braids for the fenty show

— raina (@quakerraina) September 24, 2021

This Twitter user finds Rihanna’s choice comical. The braids remain a laughing stock.


No Braids Next Time

now i know rihanna did not have vanessa hudgens in some braids for the fenty show???????

— mother of all leos 👑🦋 (@apieceofnies) September 24, 2021

This Twitter user simply puts that the braids are a no. She questions how Rihanna allowed this to fly.


A Woody Allen Reference

not rihanna giving white people braids on the new savage fenty show …….. also who the fuck still likes vanessa “id still work with woody allen” hudgens

— blanca 🌙 (@blanca__star) September 24, 2021

Another user takes a dislike to the models in braids. She likens one of the models to looking like someone who would potentially work with disgraced filmmaker Woody Allen.



Dislike of the use of ‘=”Mad Ethnic”

Rihanna really loves putting non black ppl in braids for her fenty whatever show and then call it ‘mad ethnic right now’ 🥴

Literally just saw Vanessa hudgens in feed-in type long ass braids like ik those were done by a nigerian hand most def

— jay⁷🐋 (@TheeMONOlith) September 24, 2021

This Twitter user takes issue with the lyrics used. More specifically, she is offended that Vanessa Hudgens is styled in fake braids.