Selena Gomez Posts Cryptic Tiktok Message!

Recently, Selena Gomez posted a video on tiktok lypsynching audio from tiktokker Owen Unruh saying, “So you’re saying you can read his astrological birth chart, but you can’t read the red flags? Sis.” which prompted a lot of her tiktok audience to start coming for her saying, “Bestie, his name began with a J!” and even pointing out, “Didn’t you write ‘saw the signs but I ignored it’?” ouch!

Poor Selena, all she wanted to do was have a little fun and throw a little shade on tiktok and everybody has to get all bent out of shape and remind a girl about her past.

Selena Gomez cryptic tiktok message

Fortunately, some people came to her defense saying things like, “She read the signs, you don’t see her married to him, do you?” burn! It’s true, Selena and past flame, Justin Beiber did not end up walking down the aisle even though at one point the world was rooting for their relationship.

However, let’s be honest here, Selena’s better off, she didn’t have to deal with the whole ‘bad boy’ phase that Justin went through. Also, people need to realize that both parties have moved on, Justin’s married to Haley Baldwin who seems to have a lot more tolerance than any woman should have, but I digress.

Still, one wonders just what Selena meant by throwing that particular kind of shade in the video and at whom, who in her life is she aiming that at? That would be a better question rather than bringing up her dating past.

Right now Selena herself doesn’t really seem to be dating anybody and we don’t see her surrounding herself with any particular besties. She used to be friends with Demi Lovato but since Demi embraced her wilder side a few years ago, the two have fallen out of touch with each other. (Given Demi’s journey into substance abuse, one could see where Selena saw fit to distance herself.)

One has to wonder which person in her life inspired her to even think about using this quote for a tiktok, or maybe there was a specific event that she witnessed? Who knows, but we’re all living for Selena’s tiktok’s now. Stay tuned!!!

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