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Shazam Just Became a Brutal Villain for the Best Reason

Shazam Just Became a Brutal Villain for the Best Reason
Shazam Just Became a Brutal Villain for the Best Reason

Out of all DC’s main heroes, Shazam is mostly regarded as the most healthful. That’s as a result of, when he isn’t off saving the world, he’s only a common child named Billy Batson. Billy’s innocence is a big a part of what makes Shazam a hero, as he has a pure and typically childlike sense of right and wrong. Though he could not have a ton of expertise in comparison with DC’s different heroes, he makes up for it along with his sturdy will and good morals. Sadly, DC’s Future State has proven a darkish future for the character, turning him into a brutal villain.

As extra comics are released from the Future State slate, it’s changing into clear that DC’s future just isn’t a shiny one. Lots of the tales happen in dystopian settings during which a number of the world’s most famous heroes have been depowered or killed. Whereas the tales have been intriguing, introducing nice new characters and concepts, many have additionally given off an underlying feeling of despair. The passage of time has led to a brand new version of Shazam who exists aside from Billy Batson. Sadly, this separation has brought about the corruption of the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

It’s revealed on the finish of Future State: Shazam #1, by Tim Sheridan and Eduardo Pansica, that Billy Batson is actually residing in Hell. After a disaster known as the Last Battle of Titans Island, Shazam locks up a harmful villain within the Rock of Eternity. He decides that he’ll spend the remainder of time guarding the jail, however the fiendish Neron tells him that his powers are useless on this area. Billy’s innocence, nonetheless, makes him an ideal candidate for the job. Shazam notes that turning again into Billy would ship his powers again to the Rock of Eternity, practically handing them over to the prisoner, so there may be nothing he can do. Neron decides to “help” through the use of his personal powers to half Billy and Shazam for good. With that, Billy stays behind to protect the Rock of Eternity and Shazam returns to battle the evils all through the world.

The primary occasions of the e book happen a number of years later, with Billy by no means having left his put up in Hell. Shazam, then again, has dropped contact with the remainder of the Shazam Household, and is now main his personal staff of heroes. Whereas investigating the deaths of two villains, some members of the staff turn into more and more suspicious of Shazam’s conduct. After a mission gone awry, during which the Creeper is killed, the staff dives additional into the mysteries surrounding these deaths. Ultimately, they uncover that Shazam is accountable, and once they confront him, he reveals that he’s taken different lives too.

Whereas Shazam continues to be technically trying to guard the world, his strategies have turn into far more extreme. With out Billy’s sense of right and wrong there to information the hero, Shazam’s humanity appears to have principally vanished. Sadly, villains aren’t the one people who Shazam sees as potential threats. It seems that the hero goes to nice lengths to maintain his separation from Billy a secret, as Jakeem Thunder, who was investigating the mysterious murders, is lacking. Shazam additionally admits to killing a hero he refers to as “Drake” for causes that are presently unknown. Evidently with out Billy, Shazam has turn into a brutal vigilante bent on retaining his murders secret from his allies.

One different facet of the story that might have one thing to do with Shazam’s newfound violence is Neron’s hand in all of it. Instantly after Billy and Shazam are cut up aside, Shazam is unable to see. Neron shortly provides him again his vision and Shazam mentions how he now sees the world in another way. Knowing Neron, the villain might have undoubtedly tampered with the hero’s thoughts, remodeling Shazam into a assassin to do his evil bidding. Hopefully, the mysteries surrounding this difficulty will turn into clearer when Future State: Shazam #2 drops in February, and it could nonetheless be attainable that DC’s sweetest hero is not solely accountable for his cold-blooded crimes.

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