There are few things more frustrating than not being able to play your video game library, and this is something a lot of Steam users are grappling with at the moment. It seems that Steam’s servers have been having some issues tonight, and exasperated fans have taken to social media to share their disappointment. Apparently, things were back working briefly, before going back down again. It’s unclear how long it will take the company to get things up and running, but hopefully the servers will get fixed fast, so gamers can get some good gaming time in before the night comes to an end. In the meantime, gamers might have to look for something else to enjoy!

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Steam is causing problems for streamers…

Sadly with Steam down I can’t stream what I want tonight. So we will pick this back up tomorrow. So srry guys.

— Uniedge 🦝 Trash VTuber (@Uniedgee) September 22, 2021


…and just gamers that were looking to play something!

steam has been down four like,,AN HOUR NOW. BRUH I JUST WANTED TO FINISH DELTARUNE :'((

— donnie 🪐 (@FOOBAW666) September 22, 2021


Oh, whew, I was worried there for a second!


Hey, Idk if you’ve heard about this (maybe you have) but word is the servers are down and no one can get online access. You don’t have to look into it, it’s probably just rumors.

*Cries in not being able to play online*

— DOGECOIN will save me (@Warpwnge) September 22, 2021


The thing to remember is that this is 100% personal.

why is steam down why would gabe newell do this to me

— kal (@choppedkale_) September 22, 2021


We could all use the boost.

actually depressing that steam servers have been down for 3 hours now i just want to game for a smidgen of serotonin

— çiara (@caesardilf) September 22, 2021


Hopefully it comes back soon!

Steam is down. How else am I gonna play enter the gungeon

— wisecup 2.0 (@Wisecup0) September 22, 2021