Street Fighter Characters Get Human Faces Thanks to New AI Tool

There’s a new artificial intelligence tool known as “StyleCLIP” that’s been receiving quite a bit of attention lately thanks to its ability to transform faces through text inputs. People are able to upload photos to the AI tool and input commands to modify not only real, human faces, but also cartoon faces. This results in some animated characters taking on more realistic looks if the tool’s utilized properly, though as one might expect from this AI tech, the results are sometimes far from realistic.

To learn more about how this all works, you can read a deeper explanation of the StyleCLIP technology that’s been published by BuzzFeed data scientist Max Woolf. If you’re just here for the funny faces, however, we’ve got plenty of those thanks to Twitter user and Street Fighter player Siberian_644.

Street Fighter V Characters photos doctored by Google algorithm. Thread. #StreetFighter

First one is Guile

— Siberian_644 (@Siberian_644) August 30, 2021

Laura #1

— Siberian_644 (@Siberian_644) August 30, 2021

As indicated by the images above, the user took a couple of front-facing shots of different Street Fighter characters to see what they’d look like when they were ran through the StyleCLIP tool. Some of them don’t look too bad when they’re turned into more humanlike faces with Guile, for example, looking like a bad live-action version of the character more than anything else.

Others, however, didn’t do quite so well whenever the algorithm got ahold of them. The one below is certainly an example of a transformation that ended up being a bit off compared to the original model used. It’s also interesting to see how the tool picks up on different characters having more masculine or feminine qualities in their faces and acts upon those assumptions accordingly.


Dictator, LMAO 🤣

— Siberian_644 (@Siberian_644) August 30, 2021

AI tools like this have been growing in popularity recently which means that StyleCLIP is far from the first one to be able to do this sort of thing, but it’s the latest one that people have been playing around with the most. Much of the inspiration for these new creations appears to have come from a recent Corridor Crew video which showcased the technology and provided another explanation for it for those who wanted to know more.

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