The Flash Comic Gave Hitler Speed Force Powers, Yes, Really

A few weeks ago DC Comics did an unexpected thing. No there wasn’t a trio of Jokers this week, or a villain unmasked to reveal a surprise person underneath, or even the tragic death of a hero; no, they gave Hitler super powers. It was seemingly only for a moment, but The Flash #770 saw the German tyrant briefly imbued with the powers of the Speed Force. It’s a lot to take in as a sentence, so let us explain because it makes, well a little bit of sense when actually in contest. Full spoilers for The Flash #770 below!

Ever since writer Jeremy Adams took over The Flash solo book, Wally West has taken over the mantle from Barry Allen, or at least he was supposed to. Before he could really become The Flash of Central City, Wally was thrust thrust time and space and has been inhabiting different speedsters bodies at various points in the timeline. First he became trapped in the body of a Jurassic-era caveman who had Speed Force abilities, followed by living in the body of Bart Allen aka Impulse in the future. In The Flash #770, Wally takes up residence in the body of the original Flash, Jay Garrick, right as he’s on a mission in the middle of World War II.

That mission? Find the Spear of Destiny, the weapon that supposedly pierced the side of Jesus during the crucifixion and which Hitler allegedly had an obsession with (in popular media). Before they can grab it for themselves though, the Nazis take it. Ironically the excess Speed Force energy that has pushed Wally into Jay’s body is what gives the Spear some powers and brings them into Hitler.

the flash 770 hitler speed force
(Photo: DC COMICS)

Through comic book logic they’re able to harness the energy from Hitler back into the spear as he explodes from Speed Force energies. It’s a lot. The real trouble is that no body was recovered and Jay (Wally) notes that “No bodies means they might be out there.” Luckily it seems super-speed Hitler isn’t something to worry about, at least for now.

hitler explodes the flash
(Photo: DC COMICS)

It seems unlikely we’ll see Hitler again in the DC series (but, frankly, you never know), but the issue had an even better conclusion than you could have guessed, sending Wally West into the body of The Reverse Flash who is seated at a meeting of the Legion of Doom.


You can read the full solicitation for the next issue of the series below!

(Photo: DC COMICS)

The Flash #771

written by Jeremy Adams

art by Brandon Peterson, Fernando

Pasarin, Bryan Hitch and Scott

Kollins, Kevin Maguire

cover by Brandon Peterson

card stock variant cover by Brett Booth

ON SALE 6/15/2021

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $4.99 US| FC | DC

The Legion of Doom, Teen Titans Academy, Max Mercury’s Wild West origins, and more! Wally West’s leaps from speedster to speedster throughout time draws to a close as he begins to realize why he’s been sent on his quest by the Speed Force and what might be behind it. But with one last stop before he’s allowed to go home, will this journey break Wally forever or return him to glory?

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