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The Masked Singer is officially back for Season 6! The show’s premiere kicked off on Wednesday night and introduced the audience to the newest masked singers — Skunk, Puffer Fish, Mother Nature, and Bull. Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke all returned to the judges’ panel and Nick Cannon is back in action as the host. Since fans are being introduced to so many new faces during the premiere, follow along with PopCulture’s live recap to make sure that you’re up to date on all of the twists and turns. Of course, to watch the premiere for yourself, you can turn to FuboTV, which is offering a free trial to new subscribers. 

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Octopus wasn’t the only one getting the boot during the episode. After revealing Octopus and their identity, the show had to say goodbye to another competitor. Ultimately, Mother Nature was eliminated. This means that Skunk, Puffer Fish, and Bull will all return on Thursday night to compete against two Wildcard competitors.

The Masked Singer still had some business to take care of when it comes to Mother Nature. Cannon shared the judges first impression guesses, which were Tiffany Haddish (Jeong), Chelsea Handler (Scherzinger), Tracee Ellis Ross (Thicke), and Haddish (McCarthy). Scherzinger ended up changing her final guess to Ross. Mother Nature then unmasked, but her identity was not yet shown. Fans will have to wait until the second part of the Season 6 premiere, which airs on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET.


Even though the competitors all sang their hearts out, two of them are still going home. Cannon announced that the first masked singer to be eliminated this season is Octopus. The host then shared the first impression guesses from the judges, which were Shaquille O’Neal (Scherzinger), Dwight Howard (Jeong), Dennis Rodman (McCarthy), and Joel Embiid (Thicke). After sharing their final guesses, the Octopus was unmasked and revealed to have been Dwight Howard. Howard is an NBA champ who currently plays for the Los Angles Lakers.


Bull immediately brought a high dose of energy when he arrived onto the stage. The Bull explained that he grew up in a small town surrounded by cows, hence the Bull identity. While on a boat, the Bull said that he traveled the world to look for his “destiny” and eventually realized that he wants to be the “greatest of all time.” He then whipped out a map that contained a red X on Cooperstown, which Thicke noted is the location of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Bull heard multiple “no’s” when he knocked on doors, but he didn’t give up.

Bull did end up quite successful. He mentioned that he became his own boss and that both Hollywood and Forbes “took notice.” He waved at a spaceman as he recounted his successes. When he arrived on a beach, that showcased a lion plush toy, he said that there’s still plenty for him to prove. So, he’s trying his hand at The Masked Singer.

While the Bull came out with a ton of energy, he took things slow while singing Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” and soon blew the judges away. Even though his vocal chops had the judges jumping out of their seats, Bull said that he’s actually shy about singing in public. McCarthy thought that it could be someone with a boy band connection, possibly Brian Littrell. Thicke was stumped, but guessed Sisqo. Jeong had a guess that was out of left field, suggesting Dwayne Johnson.


Mother Nature arrived on the stage with some “swag,” as Cannon put it. She explained in her clue package that she wanted to be the ultimate, natural identity because she has “done it all.” She was able to change with the seasons, but the one thing she hasn’t been able to do is to become a mother. As she held up a penny and gazed at a photo of Wayne Brady, she explained that it took her some time to come to terms with this. eventually, she came to realize that she already has a loving family. Even though she isn’t a mother, Mother Nature said, as lightning and rain appeared, that she won’t hesitate to take on anyone who hurts her family. Finally, she help up a sparkler as she said that she’s going to “blossom” with her performance.

Mother Nature, indeed, showcased what she’s made of as she sang Diana Ross”http://popculture.com/”I’m Coming Out.” After singing her heart out, she explained that she chose “Mother Nature” because it’s a “force to be reckoned with. She’s beautiful and scary at the same time.” Jeong picked up on some comedian vibes, throwing around guesses like Aisha Tyler and Tiffany Haddish. Scherzinger thought that it could be Chelsea Handler. Thicke thought back to the clue package, including how they mentioned they aren’t a mother, and guessed Tracee Ellis Ross.


Puffer Fish’s clue package began with her being beamed up to a spaceship that came complete with a disco ball. She said that she was excited about becoming the Puffer Fish because she knows all about defending herself. The Puffer Fish grew up wanted to blend in, but she wasn’t able to. She said that she was a “weird kid in science class” who would mess up the experiments. The Masked Singer showcased the Puffer Fish doing one of those very experiments, which involved beakers on a scale and a volcanic explosion in the background.

As a man held up a boomerang, the Puffer Fish said that her voice has always been “different.” While the show focused on a guitar that was labeled with the Spanish translation “guitarra,” the Pufferfish said that she learned to “stand up” for herself after being bullied. She certainly made sure to stand out while performing Doja Cat’s “Say So.”

Puffer Fish explained that she wanted to be on the show as the underwater creature because she’s the “queen of the sea.” Scherzinger then shared a guess that seemed to get the other judges on board, saying that it could be Paula Abdul. Jeong thought that it could be a comedian, guessing Issa Rae. Thicke thought that it could be Jessica Alba.


The Octopus, the tallest contestant ever to be on the show, is the next to show the judges what they’re made of. Before their performance, the Octopus explained that they wanted to be this identity because eight is a lucky number and they believe that they are a “lucky guy.” The Octopus noted that he reached success when he was very young and that all he could do was smile. But, as he picked up a call from a gold phone and a deck of cards appeared, the Octopus said that his penchant for smiling made people think that he wasn’t serious. He said that people wanted him “out” and that, eventually, he fell.

In the package, the Octopus was tied to a cinder block, which plunged into the ocean as he shared his backstory. The Octopus, while facing a shark head on, said that he fell “pretty hard.” He learned to let go of his ego so that he could have a “fresh start.”As he danced around with all eight limbs, a series of ABC blocks appeared. The Octopus showcased his vocal chops while singing Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti.”

When asked why they wanted to be on The Masked Singer, they said that it’s their mom’s favorite show. McCarthy got basketball player vibes from the Octopus, given his height, and said that it could be Dennis Rodman. Jeong then suggested Dwight Howard. Scherzinger pointed that it could be the talented Shaquille O’Neal.


Cannon kicks things off by sharing that there will be one major twist during the premiere — two masked singers will be going home by the end of the hour. Since the premiere is only one hour long and they need to get rid of two competitors, the show didn’t waste any time in introducing the first singer, the Skunk. The Skunk arrived onto the scene in true “Glamorous” form and covered in bling.

In their clue package, the Skunk explained that they wanted to wear this costume because they relate to the “duality” of the animal. While the Skunk sashayed down a train car with a gorgeous pink and gold bag in hand, they looked at their train ticket, which saw that they were departing from Seoul, South Korea. The Skunk said that they wanted to address the misconceptions that they’re “quick to get into a fight,” saying that “couldn’t be further from the truth.” She then walked through the train as a vase appeared with a “D” on it. They mentioned that they took a break from their career in order to focus on their family, but they’re ready to get back on the saddle and aren’t afraid to utilize some “Hater Spray” in the process.

To coincide with her blinged-out nature, the Skunk sang a rendition of Sam Smith’s “Diamonds.” As for why she chose to appear on The Masked Singer, the Skunk said that she wanted to get back to doing something that she hadn’t for a long time. After her performance, the judges shared their guesses for her identity. Thicke said that it could be Faith Evans, while Jeong surmised that it could be a legend like Anita Baker. McCarthy guessed Mary J. Blige.



The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. There will also be a special episode on Thursday that will see the remaining competitors from Group A back to compete against Wildcard singers. You can watch the latest episode of The Masked Singer live on FuboTV, which is offering a free trial for new users. The episodes will also be available to watch on Hulu the day after they air.