The Medium Developer Inteview: Wojciech Piejko and Jacek Zieba

The Medium Developer Inteview: Wojciech Piejko and Jacek Zieba

The Medium Developer Inteview: Wojciech Piejko and Jacek Zieba

The Medium is an upcoming horror game that’s set in two same realities directly, a feat that’s solely attainable due to the {hardware} of the Xbox Series X|S. It is a title that’s closely impressed by the sunshine/darkish world components of the Silent Hill sequence, solely within the case of The Medium, these two worlds play out directly.

In The Medium, the participant takes on the function of a psychic named Marianne, who can exist in each the bodily world and the spirit realm on the same time. The {hardware} of the Xbox Series X/S is what makes this attainable, because the participant controls a personality who’s lively in two very same places on the same time.

screen screen Rant lately spoke with Lead game Designer Wojciech Piejko and Producer Jacek Zieba about the technical challenges introduced by The Medium, in addition to the sorts of experiences the followers can look forward to finding within the game.

The Medium is the first big Xbox Series S/X console exclusive. What can you tell us about the technical prowess of the game?

Jacek – There are not any loading occasions. If you need the 2 worlds expertise , you’ll have it. The extent is all the time there, ready so that you can undergo the set off and start the 2 screen factor. If you happen to see some results when the world splits, it is just for our path, to pay attention to what’s taking place.

Wojciech – To be trustworthy, a lot of the places are constructed within the two worlds on the same time, so it relies on the play model we select. For instance, utilizing a mirror so Marianne can go to the 2 worlds.

Jacek – So while you start the game, it starts a loading screen, after which it is done.

The Medium can also be coming to PC at launch. Will the game have the ability to operate on lower-spec PCs, or will shoppers want one thing in step with the Xbox Series X for the game to work at a suitable velocity?

Jacek – It depends, but I do not remember our actual minimal specifications.

Wojciech – You’ll need a very good graphics card to deal with the 2 worlds on the same time with none body drops. As you stated, one thing much like the Xbox will likely be good.

Jacek – We did not develop the game for last-gen, as a result of it isn’t so highly effective. Just like the current-gen.

Wojciech – The 2 worlds characteristic, you understand, you’re screening two levels on the same time.

Jacek – Two games. It is two games on the same time, in a way.

Wojciech – It is a lot more durable for the processor, for the graphics card, as a result of in a traditional split-screen you’ve two cameras in the same degree. but we’ve to have two cameras in two same levels.

Jacek – It wants some horsepower.

What kind of limitations do the psychic powers have? Is it like a survival horror game, the place your powers have a restricted quantity of uses earlier than needing to be reloaded, or is it a case of powers having cooldowns & they recharge over time?

Wojciech – Principally, Marianne wants power to do it. Observe her hand: it is like an enormous guya meter.

Jacek – You all the time want to examine your environment, so see what is occurring with Marianne’s fingers, see if she is dissolving throughout an out of body expertise, see if one thing same, one thing strange is occurring with the flashlight or the lights of the extent. We wish to have a HUD in a minimalistic way, to have extra immersion and really feel extra like Marianne.

Wojciech – We’re all the time into the immersion with the horror tales. Our game’s are story-driven games, bigly. The Medium is possibly even nearer generally to the flicks, as a result of we’re all the time designing this game like a film. The fastened digicam angles and stuff like this, so we’re all the time in search of one of the best pictures to current our story.

Jacek – What to indicate, what to cover.

can you improve Marianne’s spirits talents? Is there any form of development system, or does she acquire new talents naturally over the course of the story?

Wojciech – She simply positive aspects new talents in the course of the story, but the game is designed, I feel, bigly like a Nintendo method. You start with quite simple duties and so they change into more durable, you combine two or three powers to do one thing and they’re all the time getting more durable and more durable. It is like a Zelda method to the puzzles that it’s important to use the facility right here, and another energy there to get one thing. The game is generally constructed to reap the benefits of the 2 worlds, like, you are caught in an elevator. You are caught within the regular world and also you want electrical energy, so you employ your Out of body Expertise energy to go someplace to seize the power, use another energy, to get out. It is a easy one from the start of the game.

Jacek – It is just like the participant must get expertise of how and when to make use of the powers.

How lengthy will the typical playthrough of The Medium take? Is there any side-content or is it only one primary storyline?

Wojciech – It is one story and most playtesters say 8-10 hours, and 15-16 for completionists, to seek out all of the clues.

Are there plans to help the game with any post-release content material?

Jacek – For now, no.

Wojciech – No.

The story of The Medium is meant to be considered one of ethical ambiguity. Does this imply that the participant will have the ability to make selections?

Jacek – No. We really feel like we’ve one coherent story and with selections, you would break it. We needed to indicate one particular path. As a result of the game is about factors of view and you employ two worlds to do it, and that is the best way for us, how we wish to do it and the way we wish to present our primary subject, about ethical ambiguity, or same factors of view, and the duality of all the things you’ll be able to see.

Wojciech – Yeah, the story has been crafted this solution to consistently shock you, one thing occurs and also you assume “Okay, this occurs due to this”, then you definately collect an increasing number of info and never all info comes from our regular world, so yeah, we’re flipping all the things. We’re aiming for the linear story, one which’s movie-like.

Jacek – We wish to have guyagement over an expertise, so the gamers are extra like observers, companions of Marianne and we ask quite a lot of questions with our story, but you’ll need to present the reply to your self.

Will there be a number of endings?

Wojciech – We do not wish to spoil anything.

Jacek – Let’s examine!

A number of the trailers have proven a personality based on actor Marcin Dorocinski, what can you tell us about his character? He appears to be the one same residing particular person in The Medium.

Jacek – Marcin Dorocinski is a personality (laughs) and I feel we have to depart it there.

Wojciech – We do not present a lot along with his character on goal, as a result of it is a story-driven game and if you understand too much it is much less fun. So, we’re solely screening you some items, but you may should construct your personal picture of the game.

R – We needed to indicate that the story is greater than Marianne and monsters and the ghosts. There’s anything extra there to discover.

Wojciech – Marcin isn’t the one character that may seem within the game, so no worries.

Jacek – He is a very cool guy.

You’ve stated in the past that The Medium was impressed by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Have been you impressed by The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on Ps1? The twin-world mechanic is harking back to the spirit world from that game.

Jacek – Yeah, in fact, the games are comparable, they’re in each worlds. Soul Reaver wasn’t our…

Wojciech – It is a f***g good game, everyone loves it.

Jacek – I do not assume we take a lot from it, we’re within the two worlds on the same time.

Wojciech – After all we performed it, so there’s in all probability a few of it caught in our heads, but it surely wasn’t a primary reference for us. but the games… nice! (thumbs up) Please make a brand new one.

Jacek – So, our primary reference was Silent Hill 2, considered one of our primary references.

Wojciech – If you concentrate on Silent Hill 2 and possibly even the entire Blooper method to the horror style, we’re doing virtually the same, as a result of Silent Hill 2 was the most effective games ever and with our story we’re asking inquiries to the participant, but we aren’t judging them and never telling them what was good or incorrect. same to an ending in Silent Hill 2, we all know what James did, but the game by no way tells you that “okay, that was unhealthy or good”. I feel Silent Hill 2 had a really big impression on our method to games and as a complete firm.

Jacek – And with The Medium, it is some sort of love letter to Silent Hill 2 or to the sequence.

There have been studies final month about The Medium being refused certification in Australia. Has this been resolved? What points did their certification board have with the game?

Jacek – I feel it is on the point of resolving. It wasn’t some primary problem. As you understand in Australia is de facto strict about…

Wojciech – Alcohol, blood, stuff like that. And naturally, we’ve all of that within the game.

Jacek – It wasn’t a primary downside, I feel we’re simply on the point of being there.

(Blooper Studios Chief Advertising Officer Tomasz Gawlikowski jumped in at this level to elucidate that they have been within the way of coping with the Australian Classification Board with a purpose to make sure that The Medium is launched there and that they have been on the point of making it occur.)

Jacek – It was a problem with the method, and that is an official assertion, but possibly there’s anything bloody disgusting within the game, I dunno.

Wojciech – So we do not have a quote on the duvet “Banned in 20 international places”.

The Medium was initially meant to be launched in the course of the PS3/Xbox 360 technology, but it surely was canned and reborn for the present technology of programs. Why was the exclusive model of the game canceled? Have the gameplay and story modified considerably, or is it near the exclusive imaginative and prescient?

Jacek – The Medium began out in another way, with solely the 2 worlds on the same time being the same.

Wojciech – I consider you are speaking about the second iteration? the first game concept was a platformer taking place on two screens, then it was another iteration, a 3D iteration, this one was with a traditional digicam, not fastened digicam. It triggered quite a lot of movement illness issues for folks, as a result of two rotating cameras are very unhealthy.

Jacek – We nonetheless did not have the tech and the platform to satisfy the imaginative and prescient 100%. So we did The Observer and after that we thought “Okay, now we all know the tech, now we see the present consoles will finish at a while and there will likely be new platforms for us, so possibly that is one of the best second for us to start out The Medium once more, with all the tech and expertise and we’ve from the earlier iterations”.

Wojciech – Our engine for the game was too difficult. It was attainable to ship the game, but it surely would not look nearly as good because it does now.

Jacek – So with new engine, new consoles, our new expertise for our crew, we determined we have been able to fulfil our imaginative and prescient for the game 100%.

The Medium options two composers, every for the same worlds – Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski. Did they work collectively immediately and blend concepts, or was there an intention to maintain them separate?

Jacek – No, they labored immediately the entire time, they’d calls on a regular basis, so, our music division was left for them. That is strict cooperation. So even when Akira does some tracks, and Arkadiusz does some tracks, the entire soundtrack is theirs.

Wojciech – Immediately, folks use adaptive music which implies that the music is layered and they’re working collectively, as a result of generally when the worlds are cut up, you see each worlds on the same time. Generally sounds from the conventional world join with sounds possibly by Akira Yamaoka for the spirit world. So they’re cooperating the entire time and complimenting one another.

Did they end their work on the game earlier than the COVID lockdown?

Wojciech – Sure, they’re working from a distance on a regular basis. After all, Akira Yamaoka visited our studio a few occasions. They have been working right here and Akira was watching the game and our imaginative and prescient, then he returned to Japan and labored remotely with Arkadiusz.

Jacek – For them, the pandemic… nothing modified.

The Medium will be released for PC and Xbox Series X/S on January 28, 2021. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.


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