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Tips on how to Add a Cleaner and Clothes dryer Hookup

Adding a washer and dryer to an condominium, condo or perhaps townhouse isn’t a simple home improvement task. It will require plumbing, venting, electrical, and gas cable connections that can add approximately five times the cost of the gadgets themselves.

The first step should be to prepare the location to get the new laundry room. This requires measuring hallways, doorways, and stairways to ensure that the new automatic washer will suit and connect with the power, water, and gas lines. It also really helps to remove entrances or approach furniture mainly because needed.

If you plan to incorporate a washing machine in an house or condo, you’ll want to check the building’s alteration agreement and house rules. Some buildings may prohibit the installation of cleaners and washer dryer combos, but others will permit them with appropriate approvals and permits.

In any case, it’s important to check neighborhood building requirements and speak with a builder or plumber before you begin the washer and drier hookup procedure. You’ll likely need a permit, that can run anywhere from $30 to $150 depending on the quantity of involved.

Connecting Washer Hoses

Setting up a washer, it’s essential to use the correct hose for your particular model. This hose typically screws in to the washer electric outlet box and is also attached to the spine of the home appliance. In some cases, it’s color coded with red to get hot and blue meant for cold drinking water.

Drain Hoses

And so forth drain hose pipe to hook up the washing machine and a kitchen sink faucet in a nearby laundry room. Many drain hoses happen to be u-shaped and affix right to the washing machine socket box. They’re available for many major brands of washers, and find them at most appliance merchants.

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