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WandaVision: Darcy’s Choice Of Potato Chips Shows She’s Matured, Says Actress

WandaVision: Darcy’s Choice Of Potato Chips Shows She’s Matured, Says Actress
WandaVision: Darcy’s Choice Of Potato Chips Shows She’s Matured, Says Actress

Kat Dennings says Darcy Lewis’ choice of potato chip in WandaVision reflects how she has matured. With WandaVision, Dennings‘ wise-cracking lab assistant-turned-doctor has returned to the MCU for the first time since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Previously, Darcy remained within the Thor movies as a supporting, comic relief character, and it seemed unlikely that she would be back for more projects. However, no one in the MCU is ever truly gone, and Dennings was invited back for Marvel’s first scripted Disney+ show. So far, Dennings has only appeared in WandaVision’s fourth episode, but she has already made quite the impact on audiences.

Since fans last saw her, Darcy has become a scientist in her own right, separate from her former boss Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). WandaVision episode 4 sees Darcy get recruited by SWORD to investigate the strange occurrences going on within Westview, the town that Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) have made their home. There was a lot to process in the episode, though audiences still found time to appreciate Darcy’s character growth and her new partnership with FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park).

From that one episode alone, it’s very clear that Darcy has changed since Thor: The Dark World, and that change was even reflected in the things she ate. While appearing on the Just For Variety podcast, Dennings discussed the significance around Darcy’s food choices, which consisted of ramen noodles and potato chips. Interestingly, Marvel genuinely asked Dennings about what she thought Darcy would be eating at this time, which allowed her to dig a bit further into her character. Dennings said:

They wanted to keep Darcy’s essence. At heart she’s still that college girl who eats trash ramen from 7-Eleven like me. And I really love that they put that in there. And they even asked — again Marvel spoiling their actors — what flavor Cup of Noodles do you like best? [Laughs]. Then they asked what kind of potato chips do you think Darcy would eat. I was like, “Well, she’s an adult now so maybe the baked ones.” [Laughs]. I love those little things. I’m so happy you noticed that.

The chips even contributed to a fun little gag between her and Jimmy, when Darcy offers him a chip and he, believing she’s asking about kids, goes on a little tangent. Both Darcy and Jimmy were supporting characters in other MCU projects, and fans have so far relished the opportunity to see more of them. Dennings’ comments about Darcy’s eating habits are good examples of how Marvel pays attention to the little details. It may not seem like much, but in letting Dennings choose the things Darcy interacts with, they’ve added a new level of development to her, making her an even more well-rounded character.

Darcy will presumably continue to appear throughout WandaVision’s final five episodes, which are said to only get more thrilling. One place where she won’t pop up, though, is Thor: Love and Thunder. Dennings confirmed she did not get called back for the fourth Thor movie, so her MCU future beyond WandaVision remains unclear. If fan interest translates to future projects, it might not be long before Darcy steps back into the Marvel fold. Until then, audiences can enjoy her new and improved self on the Disney+ show.

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