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The Masked Singer has introduced fans to a bevy of new contestants during its first few episodes. The show, which you can watch via FuboTV (the service is offering a free trial to new users), introduced fans to Group A, which includes Skunk, Bull, Puffer Fish, Mother Nature and Octopus, among others. The most “Glamorous” contestant is Skunk, who has delivered several show-stopping performances.

Season 6, Episode 1: “2 Night Season Premiere, Part 1: Group A Premiere”

In their clue package, the Skunk explained that they wanted to wear this costume because they relate to the “duality” of the animal. While the Skunk sashayed down a train car with a gorgeous pink and gold bag in hand, they looked at their train ticket, which saw that they were departing from Seoul, South Korea. The Skunk said that they wanted to address the misconceptions that they’re “quick to get into a fight,” saying that “couldn’t be further from the truth.” She then walked through the train as a vase appeared with a “D” on it. They mentioned that they took a break from their career in order to focus on their family, but they’re ready to get back on the saddle and aren’t afraid to utilize some “Hater Spray” in the process.

(Photo: Michael Becker / FOX)

To coincide with her blinged-out nature, the Skunk sang a rendition of Sam Smith’s “Diamonds.” As for why she chose to appear on The Masked Singer, the Skunk said that she wanted to get back to doing something that she hadn’t for a long time. After her performance, the judges shared their guesses for her identity. Robin Thicke said that it could be Faith Evans, while Ken Jeong surmised that it could be a legend like Anita Baker. Jenny McCarthy guessed Mary J. Blige.


Season 6, Episode 2 — “2 Night Season Premiere, Part 2: Back To School”

The Skunk shared even more clues regarding their identity this time around. While in a library, Skunk said that the biggest thing that she’s learned is that “life happens.” Skunk then pulled out both a U.S. Government book and one that read, “Expect the Unexpected” as they said that they got a full ride to college. Although, they were forced to take a different course (while they said this, a man could be seen reading “Big Book of Acting.” They then received another book, “Iron Out Your Swing.” Skunk said that she wanted to sing a song for women to remind them that “the world is theirs.”

They did just that as they sang James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.” Their performance prompted a standing ovation from the entire audience. After that show-stopping performance, Cannon opened Skunk’s locker. The locker contained a projector and a note about squad tryouts. Skunk remarked, “Because of miseducation, I am always ready for the action.” That comment instantly made Jeong think it was Lauryn Hill. Thicke shared a wide range of guesses including Yolanda Adams, Jill Scott, and Fantasia.


Season 6, Episode 4 – “House Party”

As the Skunk shared that she’s been to some fabulous parties over the years, she blew a kiss to the Puffer Fish mask, which had the judges wondering if there was a connection to the recently eliminated Toni Braxton. Skunk then passed around a tray of goodies, which included a family-size box of cookies, to party-goers. For her party favor, the Skunk brought a stereo to play a bit of gospel music.

Once again, the Skunk got to show off her impressive vocals to the judges for her performance of “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight & The Pips. Ken Jeong shared a great guess, suggesting that it could be Taraji P. Henson. Jenny McCarthy said that it could be Queen Latifah. Nicole Scherzinger picked up on the Puffer Fish clue and thought that it might not be someone who simply collaborated with Braxton, but it could be one of her sisters, Tamar Braxton.



Catch Up

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET. You can see how the remaining members of Group A perform when they take to the stage again during a special episode on Thursday. If you’re wondering how you can tune into the episode live, FuboTV is offering a free trial to new subscribers. Additionally, all Masked Singer episodes will be available on Hulu the day after they air.