The Witcher: 10 Things They Got Wrong About Jaskier In The Netflix Show

The original Jaskier from the Witcher books and games doesn't have that much in common with his Netflix counterpart...

The Witcher: 10 Things They Got Wrong About Jaskier In The Netflix Show
The Witcher: 10 Things They Got Wrong About Jaskier In The Netflix Show

Simply, one of many highlights of the new Netflix The Witcher series is Jaskier, the comedic and entertaining bard and finest friend of Geralt. While Jaskier has made numerous fans fall in love with him, there’s quite a bit that they do not know about him. Particularly as a result of Jaskier’s in-game counterpart, Dandelion, has fairly a number of differences.

While all fans can spend the following year dreaming up new adventures for Jaskier in season 2, until then let’s evaluate the online game and TV series characters. He definitely can be into some self-criticism, proper?

Geralt’s Friendliness

A core a part of Geralt and Dandelion’s friendship is how different they’re and the way they stability one another out. Also, one other core half is the truth that Geralt is sort of consistently irritated with him. However, in the Netflix series, Geralt appears way more unfriendly to Jaskier than ever earlier than.

Positive, they’d their spats, however his language in direction of Jaskier was unkind, bordering on abusive, particularly since he refuses to name him his friend.

Geralt and Dandelion bickered quite a bit, however even an amnesiatic Geralt a minimum of accepts the actual fact Dandelion is his oldest friend. It is only a little bit of a yikes.

Awkward Talker

in the latest Netflix series, Jaskier is rather more awkward than Dandelion ever can be. While he’s a troublemaker that will get himself in absurd conditions, he is Also a smooth-talker that charms the pants of everybody round him.

Netflix Jaskier usually fumbles with his phrases, flirts with ladies which have no real interest in him, and is absolutely awkward about all of it. Simply because he sings effectively and is daring a loud does not erase that awkwardness.

Jaskier is an superior character, however he is simply not as fearless and charming as Dandelion. Wild, considering the man’s name is Dandelion.

His Name

In Netflix’s Witcher series, Geralt’s charismatic bard finest friend is known as Jaskier. In case you ask Witcher fans (who aren’t accustomed to the Polish language), that is not the name of our favourite bard. A bit of sleuthing will reveal that Jaskier’s name in the translated books is Dandelion. While Dandelion goes by many names, the one used in the Witcher series is the untranslated name, Jaskier.

Guess Netflix thought having one in every of its primary characters named Dandelion was simply approach too foolish.

It is their loss, actually. Dandelion’s name simply is the cherry on prime of his performative absurdity.

Geralt’s Biographer

As a Witcher, Geralt simply cares about ridding the world of monsters and getting paid for it. He is not likely enticed by the celebrity facet. However, Dandelion is fascinated with Geralt’s life and loves to make use of his tales to get his personal fame. While he does do songs and poems, in the books and games, Dandelion can be obsessive about writing his biography.

Fortune does not favor him, although, as two different copies of his writings have been misplaced or burned.

Finally, Dandelion did write down Geralt’s entire story. Jaskier, although, does not seem to have the identical ambitions. He appears to be fairly happy with songs.

His Role In The Djinn Adventure

in the books, the best way Geralt and Dandelion encounter the djinn is kind of a bit different. The Netflix series shifts the blame to Geralt, however in the unique story, Jaskier was the one who discovered and opened the djinn all on his personal. And the djinn wasn’t pissed off with the flawed person asking questions, however simply thought Dandelion was so annoying that he would not reply.


Jaskier a minimum of was collateral injury that Geralt needed to take care of, since he was the one on the Appearanceout for the djinn, build up the bond between them a bit. Dandelion nearly died simply because a magical creature wished him to close up.

Meeting Geralt

While Henry Cavill’s Geralt meets Jaskier in a tavern sooner or later and the bard begins following him round, in the books and video games the 2 have a way more fascinating and complex first Meeting. Positive, they do later run into the remnants of the elven kingdom, however they meet as a result of Dandelion seduced a girl backstage and her brothers are after him to finish his life.

Geralt, While reluctant, helps guarantee that these brothers do not rip Dandelion’s limbs from his physique.

This does sort of mirror Geralt’s goal for going to the Pavetta’s royal engagement social gathering with Jaskier, although. That is fairly neat.

Toned Down Appearance

If there’s one factor Witcher fans will discover proper off the bat, and what may confuse them about Jaskier, is his Appearance. in the video games, Dandelion in a really flamboyant man with brilliant clothes with very poofy sleeves and even a twirly mustache. Oh, and a large hat.

It is protected to say that Jaskier’s Appearance is kind of a bit toned down from its canonical model. And by fairly a bit, it is most likely extra like utterly different. His garments are brighter than others and there is some poof, however aside from that and his brown hair, he seems utterly different.

Let’s go away it as much as hardcore fans to resolve if this was a superb change or not.

Bardic Fame

One of many largest differences between the Netflix Jaskier and his Dandelion counterpart is his fame. While Jaskier appears to have delicate success spreading songs, he is nonetheless a lesser-known bard with little fame or cash. Dandelion, alternatively, is known across the continent as a famous singer and author.

One might blame this on the time intervals, however it’s not that. Dandelion was famous for his works earlier than he even set out as an official bard. That isn’t Jaskier’s story.

Guess because the seasons go on fans can see what else modifications about their favourite singing women man.

A Priceless Lute

All through most of The Witcher series (books and video games) Dandelion has this priceless lute on him always. It makes stunning music and Dandelion/Jaskier loves it for that. In any case, it helps him make stunning music, if you realize what which means.

However, in the series, the actual circumstances and lute aren’t precisely the identical. In any case, Dandelion Got the lute in his first Adventure with Geralt. Once they met with the elves, Dandelion was given a lute of nice worth and wonder by the elven folks.

That did not occur in the series, even when Meeting Geralt did increase his profession. Toss a coin to your Witcher, guys.

Abandoned Nobility

Netflix’s Witcher series had quite a bit to cowl, so it is sensible that it by no means Got into Jaskier’s backstory. However, if it is something like Dandelion’s ought to be, the man is definitely a member of the Nobility. He simply Abandoned his station as a result of he most popular being a bard. That did not cease him from counting on his household cash every now and then, although.

Jaskier, alternatively, appears to be flat broke. fans meet him that approach, when his girlfriend kicks him out he is begging for meals, and he does not seem to have a spot to remain. That Appearances like fairly a distinct origin story and hopefully, it will likely be defined in additional seasons.

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