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Zoop Launches as All-In-One Crowdfunding Solution for Comics


A new crowdfunding alternative to Kickstarter is offering comics creators an all-in-one platform for their projects. Jordan Plosky and Eric Moss have launched Zoop, a new crowdfunding platform that provides publishers and creators with the means to have more control over their project. Zoop is a concierge service for creators, handling everything campaign-related from start to finish, including campaign setup, pledge management, production, fulfillment, and more. Meanwhile, fans will benefit from a streamlined service that avoids dealing with pledge managers, after-campaigns, or finding workarounds to get only the items that they want.

Zoop is launching as a curated crowdfunding campaign with several upcoming projcts. The first launch is Slow City Blues is a genre-bending new series that mixes Indiana Jones-style action with Who Framed Roger Rabbit-esque zaniness and is created by Samuel Haine, Shawn Moll, John Livesay, and David Baron. Another upcoming campaign will be Resolution, a new cosmic saga by comics veterans Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, and Rick Leonardi.

Other upcoming projects include Bart Sears’ Heads Will Roll and Des Taylor’s Scarlett Couture. Zoop has confirmed that Paul Cornell, Chris Ryall, and J. Gonzo will also have projects launch via the platform.

“Why Zoop? It’s simple. Planning and running a crowdfunding campaign is damn hard work, and that’s not even counting the marketing and social media aspects, which are very specialized jobs of their own,” said Bart Sears, whose Heads Will Roll series will launch on Zoop, “All of it can easily occupy you 24/7; from a few weeks before the campaign, through the campaign and right through to the end of fulfillment. I’m a creator, I want to build worlds, to write and draw as much as I can, and ZOOP allows me to do just that. They take all of the hard, time-consuming work of crowdfunding off my hands, from start to finish. I just have to create. Being able to turn over that detail-oriented, business-type work to a team of industry pros is a creator’s dream.”

Slow City Blues’ Zoop campaign is live now and can be checked out here. Previews for Resolution and Scarlet Couture can also be found on Zoop’s site.

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